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kitten43's blog: "my life"

created on 07/08/2013  |  http://fubar.com/my-life/b354884  |  4 followers

i am sure that you all dont need to here from me but i will let you know i am well in my home in cincy and i am happy thanks for puting up with me  ceya guys

hi guys im fine just alittle bummed tired of all the alone time

hi my friends im here just for a second so i will be fast yes i am sad and alone but it is the best for me now i just miss being held and kissed but it is best that i am alone so i dont git covid so i am well and healthy

yes guys i hate valintines day  being alone all the time now hurts like hell so i try like hell to forget it sorry but i know that noone wants half a woman so  i forget it and move on

hi guys hope you all had a good  just dont talk to me about it because i didnt but im ok with it i will live to fight on

hi guys i am back in cincinnatus i am happy and content so its all good

hay guys I just need to vent  i used to be the one that had the balls to kick ass but now i just want to curl up and forget my life sucks

the move is  compleat and i am happy so its all good here

hi guys i am at my new apptment i am happy and its not far from wear i used to  live i am content and happy


hi guys well i have moved and i am comfortable and happy

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