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     Juneteenth. THAT, WAS MY... Independence Day Celebration!

   June 19th 1865. Union Major General Gordon Granger and Troops rode into Galveston, Texas and informed all of it's
inhabitants that The Civil War was over and that ALL Enslaved African Americans were now OFFICIALLY FREE! Now
to be sure The Emancipation Proclamation that supposedly freed My Ancestors on January 1st, 1863, was never 
accepted by The Confederate States...only The Union States. So in Texas alone on the 19th of June, it became a State
Recognized Holiday. 45 other States also recognize it now as only a State Holiday.
   Yeah, the Confederate States were indeed,  Sore Losers!!
   There are efforts, to make it a National Holiday. The Reverend Ronald Myers Sr. The Founder and Chairman of The 
National Juneteenth Observance Foundation put it best like this when he said the following:
"For Some, The Fourth of July tells only Half The Story of Freedom in America. The 19th of June completes The Cycle
of Independence Day Celebrations. The Fourth of July freed the land from Britain; the 19th of June freed ALL THE 
PEOPLE. So you really can't talk about freedom in America, unless you talk about The Fourth of July, AND, The 19th 
of June!"
   This...was NEVER taught to me in School. So I'm discovering MY History of MY People in America...all over again!
I'm not angry about The Education System anymore. It's Flawed for certain and will remain that way, until the 
   And I used to wonder as a Kid, why My Dad used to say to Us Kids: 'This really ISN'T YOUR HOLIDAY!'
   Now, I know why.

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