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Mr Yisrael Set apart Hebrew's blog: "my heart"

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In order for growth sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone. I watched many gifted and brilliant minds die in the hood because they were afraid to venture out of their habitat. If you never leave the hood that’s all you will know. You haven’t given yourself an opportunity to experience new things, see different sights, dream new dreams, or reach new heights. When YAHWEH put it in my heart to leave Pittsburgh PA I had to leave everything behind, family and friends included and I have reached new heights that I didn’t think I was capable of. It was a tough decision but I had faith in my Creator and wanted to know the truth so bad I was willing to sacrifice it all! It was the best thing to ever happen to me. My friends and old pals are still dying in the hood because they haven’t given themselves a chance to live. What is life? Who created you? What is His purpose for you? How many more caskets will you carry before someone is carrying yours? Seek the truth! Pray to The Most High ask Him who He Is? What is His name? What is the Truth? His name is YAHWEH and His Son’s name Is Yahshua. Look those names up, research them and repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand! Shalom

Who knows about Sally Hemings
She was Thomas Jefferson's slave Called his Mistress, but how can you you be a mistress When you were a slave , a child and could not consent? Had absolutely no choice ?
Sally Hemings bore him 6 , perhaps as many as 8 children Thomas Jefferson Kept Sally locked in a basement room. She was between 12 and 14 years old When he started raping her and Jefferson was in his forties He freed that he had with Sally But not Sally. Her daughter had to free her mother after Jefferson passed away. This is the history that weren't taught in Schools they want us to think of the founding fathers as Great men , fighting for justice and freedom guided by Elohim .... When in fact they were evil men , Selfish men who did nothing, if it wasn't for their own aggrandisement , personal benefit and financial gain.
These ppl left a legacy of entitlement under the most criminal of circumstances and White supremacist beliefs which is instilled in U.S Society and Culture to this very day

Before they were the  modern day Police they were   Slave patrols  an organized groups of armed white men who monitored and enforced discipline upon black ppl The slave patrols' function was to police slaves, especially runaways and defiant slaves. They also formed river patrols to prevent escape by boat. Slave patrols were first established in The South in 1704, and the idea spread throughout 13 colonies.  lasting well beyond the American Revolution. As the population of black slaves boomed, especially with the invention of the cotton gin  , so did the fear of slave resistance and uprisings. The development of slave patrols began when other means of slave control failed to instill slave control and obedience. Their biggest concern were slaves on the Plantations since that is where slave populations were highest. At first, incentives such as tobacco and money were offered to urge whites to be more vigilant in the capture of runaway slaves. When this approach failed, slave patrols were formally established.

Why are you so shocked by police shooting and killing of   our people they've been on our asses for over four hundred years That's their first job controling us. mass incarceration/ mass shootings WAKE UP!! They don't treat  no other nations like this 


RACISM - the systematic distribution of resources, power and opportunity in a society to the benefit of people who are White and the exclusion of people of color.”
racism is about systems that inequitably confer resources, power and opportunity examples of this system are as fallow
education, health care, housing, the political system, the legal system and the financial system The religous system 
 (Black people ) are consistently viewed and treated by these systems as less intelligent and capable than they are, and granted less access to quality housing, education, healthcare, legal rights, personal safety and jobs than White people.Case in point there are more black people being killed
by police than any nation in this country
The effects of Racism can be seen everywhere in this world where there is a community of black people (mass poverty, chronic health problems, poor education mass incarceration and untimely deaths over many many decades (Slavery) it isn’t only ludicrous, it’s also cruel. This White racist system causes most nations Especially a very large number of Gentiles ( white) people to feel superior to people of color and to view us as inferior - lazier, weaker, less intelligent and more violent by nature. This is the essence of White supremacy Black ppl   can't be racist; We can be bigots. The meaning of bigotry is disliking people because of their culture. Considering what our people have been through and still going through We have every right to feel the way we feel Not Apologetic about that. but not all of us feel that way Real talk!! To stop racism we must  address the core problem the system it's self
Bigotry will never stop there's always gonna be ppl and organizations  who want  black ppl to be slaves again 
The K.K.K are not just some  dumb rednecks they hide their faces bc they are the elite and powers in this country BE AWARE 

With all the noise you are making you think the K.K.K aint Watching they been waiting for a race war for decades with everything going on in this country it's prime for white supremacy to once again rise they see themselves as heroes defending American

Brothers and Sisters gotta wake up all this black lives matter bs not gonna matter when your hanging from trees 

  White people while  I Applaud you for speaking against Racism But at the same time it's easy to say that when there just noise. A time gonna come where there won't be just noise and the question may come are you willing to defend that statement with your life and the life of your family for me and mine. Most of you will stand with your own  and that's to be expected 

Don't get me twisted I'm against hate as anyone But we are witnessing things never seen before in this country and if history teaches us anything is that it repeats itself 

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