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Miss Vee's blog: "My Fu-Slaves..."

created on 03/13/2008  |  http://fubar.com/my-fu-slaves/b197643

You heard it hear first. I'm owned... And being the good bish that i am i planned a fun filled day for Miss Vee. First, breakfast in bed is a must
Then i was thinking about taking her for a massage... But i'm lazy, i'm paying someone else to massage us. ;)
Maybe sometime at the beach? Maybe her bewbs in some lotion? That's my job now.
I heard she's a Cali girl, so i think a visit to go see Mickey would be fun. :D
A proper bish always show's a lady a good time. A nice candle lit dinner would be perfect.
And dancing is always a hoot....
Then like a gentleman. A beautiful limo ride home. Ok, i might not be as smooth as i thought, or a gentleman. hehe.
I'd like to thank Miss Vee for buying me in DaisyBlue & LarryB's auction. She rocks. :D Drop by and say hello to her. Tell her that her Bish sent you. :P
~♥ღ♥Miss Vee♥ღ♥~

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Hey everybody! I Fu-Own these gorgeous ladies here till April 13th!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

She's an adorable lady that's so damn sweet! Her name's Nyha and I'm her Fu-Mistress!! Woohoo!!
NYHA **Mari's Fu~Wife**owned by ~♥ Miss Vee ♥~

She's a Redskins fan that'll kick your ass! Her name's Melissa and I'm her new Fu-Mistress!! Woot!! Woot!!
~*syn™*~ Fu-Owned by ckymwn & Miss Vee~ Fu-Owner of Ryawolf™~

Show both of these lovely ladies lots of love, k?!
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