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LuiSA HirAEth's blog: "Me.."

created on 11/14/2020  |  http://fubar.com/me/b372087

You are my bringer of smiles

You are my beacon of light 

when I'm fighting the storms of life

The storms inside my head

The storms inside my heart

You are relentless in your need to make me smile

to make me dream and find my happy place 

having my eyes twinkling with happiness

You are generous, selfless, the kindest of hearts

Together we build a dream

We build a perfect world, with many moons

many suns, with plenty of sunrises and sunsets.

we just get lost in that private world

feasting in naked snuggles, small touches,

awakening soul kisses and unspoken words

our thoughts traveling in that milky way for miles

I stay there with you gladly, and thirsty for more...

..... you are my bringer of smiles

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