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42 Year Old · Female · From Granada Hills, CA · Joined on April 11, 2006 · Born on December 28th
42 Year Old · Female · From Granada Hills, CA · Joined on April 11, 2006 · Born on December 28th

"I've wined and dined on Mulligan Stew, and never wished for Turkey As I hitched and hiked and grifted too, from Maine to Albuquerque Alas, I missed the Beaux Arts Ball, and what is twice as sad I was never at a party where they honored Noel Ca-ad But social circles spin too fast for me My "hobohemia" is the place to beI get too hungry, for dinner at eight I like the theater, but never come late I never bother, with people I hate That's why the lady is a trampI don't like crap games, with barons and earls Won't go to Harlem, in ermine and pearls Won't dish the dirt, with the rest of the girls That's why the lady is a trampI like the free, fresh wind in her hair Life without care I'm broke, it's o'k Hate California, it's cold and it's damp That's why the lady is a trampI go to Coney, the beach is divine I go to ballgames, the bleachers are fine I follow Winchell, and read every line That's why the lady is a trampI like a prizefight, that isn't a fake I love the rowing, on Central Park lake I go to Opera and stay wide awake That's why the lady is a trampI like the green grass under my shoes What can I lose, I'm flat, that's that I'm alone when I lower my lamp That's why the lady is a tramp.""I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity. "~e.a.poeim also on myspace(hah who isnt!?!) michele munster.

42 Year Old · Female · From Granada Hills, CA · Joined on April 11, 2006 · Born on December 28th
♣Booze♣ ♣gore♣ ♥brass knuckles♥ ♣swtich blades♣ ♥butterfly knives♥ ♣daggers♣ ♣make-up♣ ♥calaveras♥ ♣horror♣ ♣hair dye♣ ♣chessecake humor♣ ♣tattoos♣ ♣finding obscure movies and records♣ ♣getting tattooed♣ ♣vintage style♣ ♣marijuana♣ ♣mark ryden♣ ♣comics♣ ♣low brow art♣ ♣420♣ ♣beer♣ ♥estate sales♥ ♣halloween♣ ♣classic cars♣ ♣zombies♣ ♥garage sales♥ ♣roman dirge♣ ♣alcohol♣ ♥pirates♥ ♣liquor♣ ♣classic pinups♣ ♥pirate talk♥ ♣drunken debauchery♣ ♣monsters♣ ♣female midget ninjas♣etc.etc.etc.
♥The Misfits♥ ♣dropkick murphys♣ ♣the pogues♣ ♣Husker Du♣ ♥weezer♥ ♥The Meteors♥ ♣flogging molly♣ ♥Mad Sin♥ ♣Josie Kreuzer♣ ♣Dead Bolt♣ ♣david bowie♣ ♣the ramones♣ ♣the reverend horton heat♣ ♣Mad Caddies♣ ♥RFTC♥ ♥tom petty♥ ♣45 Grave♣ ♣The Mummies♣ ♥george thoroughgood♥ ♣sex pistols♣ ♣bad religion♣ ♣Glenn Miller♣ ♣bing crosby♣ ♣Louis Prima♣ ♥Tom waits♥ ♣billy idol♣ ♣cherry poppin' daddys♣ ♣red elvises♣ ♣deke dickerson♣ ♥ louie armstrong ♥ ♣filthy thieving bastards♣ ♣dean martin ♣ ♣johnny cash♣ ♣frank sinatra♣the andrew sisters♣ ♣hank williams Sr.♣ ♣Iggy Pop and the Stooges♣ ♥kings of nuthin♥ ♥ Pete Fountain ♥ ♣Nekromantix♣ ♣Chiffons♣ ♣Dion & The Belmonts♣ ♣eddie cochran♣ ♣the dragstrip demons♣ ♣calavera♣ ♣Joan Jett♣ ♣hillbilly hellcats♣ ♣Elvis♣ ♣patsy cline♣ ♣hellbillies♣ ♣The Cramps♣ ♣Social distortion♣ ♣Richie Valens♣ ♥buddy Holly♥ ♣batmobile♣ ♣fats Dominos♣ ♣demented are go♣ ♣The Shirelles♣ ♣Elvis Costello♣ ♣barnyard ballers♣ ♣ac/dc♣ ♥wanda jackson♥ ♣Chuck Berry♣ ♣the Rolling Stones♣ ♣rasputina♣ ♣3 bad jacks♣ ♣phantom rockers♣ ♥New York Dolls♥ ♣billie holiday♣ ♣rosie flores♣ ♥the clash♥ ♣Otis Redding♣ ♣los creepers♣ ♣rockin' ryan and the real goners♣ ♣subhumans♣ ♣Lou Reed♣ ♣the cure♣ ♥stray cats♥ ♣sublime♣ ♣the quakes♣ ♣'s♣ ♣weezer♣ ♣bauhaus♣ ♣violent femmes♣ ♣bjork♣ ♣vandals♣ ♣primus♣ ♣supersuckers♣ ♣bill haley and his comets♣ ♣deadbillys♣ ♣ella fitzgerald♣ ♥guana batz♥ ♥danny elfman♥ ♣new order♣ ♣siouxie and the banshees♣ ♣jerry lee lewis♣ ♣decendents♣ ♣circle jerks♣ ♣wasted youth♣ ♣guttermouth♣ and OH soo much more!!
horror, gore, cult classics, italian zombie flicks, cheesey movies (of all genres), all of "the road to..." series, hell, all bob hope movies, umm yea as you guessed, im all over the place. :P
idols?? well, the closest would be my mom and dad & my grandparents too.

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