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Murder's blog: "Mermaids, Unicorns & Hate"

created on 02/01/2018  |  http://fubar.com/mermaids-unicorns-hate/b370443  |  10 followers
#1 you are just adding people to add them. Miss me with that shit. #2 you have family and friends that I don’t want even secondhand contact with. #3 you are an ass kissing, passive aggressive, “I don’t take sides but I’m gonna tell that person everything going on with your page.” #4 you are trying to show me your dick. #5 you are trying to look at mine. #6 you suck. #7 I don’t like you Choose one. That’s why I won’t add you. Or have deleted you.
You kind of HAVE to have a gifted kid when the mom is such a fuck up....

Greetings & Salutations

also, hello to my fan club


here's a Hallmark story for ya'll!

(just kidding it's not sad at all)



I was in my mid 20's when I fell in love for the FIRST time..

he's got gorgeous brown eyes & he smiles like he's always up to something...

he's only 16...

but i'll back up...

I'm not the kind of girl that falls i love easily.

I don't trust ANYTHING.

But there was this guy with blonde curly hair & hazel green eyes...

and he was SO fucking tall & when he hugged me,

I felt so safe.

He cheated on me a lot...

we had a lot of problems...

One day he told me he was moving in with his best friend,

and that his ex was going to live there too.

We said goodbye in the parking lot of a nursing home.

I lost a lot of weight,

I couldn't eat...

my tummy hurt a lot ...

I just worked.

But the losing weight thing scared me,

because I was dizzy and couldn't keep ANYTHING down...

so I found myself in the hospital & when they asked if I was sexually active...

I laughed & said "we broke up a long time ago."

A doctor came in the room & yelled " CONGRATULATIONS!! you're pregnant!!"

I immediately started crying..

Like I said, I don't love easily...

I have problems showing emotion & "care."

How the fuck was I gonna be someone's PARENT?

I told my family & then I told him....

I stood there in his bedroom.. staring at a newborn baby's dress hanging on a wall..

as he let me know my baby should not live...

as he had one on the way already....

I walked out, got in my car & we never spoke again.

I worked until I was 8 1/2 months along..

3 fulltime jobs.

My son was born with pneumonia, a collapsed lung & he'd swallowed amniotic fluid...

he died several times in his first day...

The second time I saw him he was hooked up to a million things.

He couldn't breathe on his own,

and I wasn't allowed to hold him.

I almost died delivering him.

We fought together.

Three weeks after his birth we both left the hospital.

I didn't sleep the first three years of his life.

I'd go to work (back to 3 jobs)

and I'd watch him sleep when I could.

He is my very best friend.

I'm his hero.

He's mine.

He's the greatest, most beautiful, most amazing thing about me,

He has GORGEOUS big brown eyes... ughhhh he's freakin cute.

He's my biggest strength and also my biggest weakness.

I'm obsessed with that boy.

I can't even remember the woman I was before him.

All I know is ...

everyone has a story.

Mine might sound like a sad one...

but my son is now 16 years old, he's taller than me...

he's sweet & kind & polite..

(not like me.)

He loves everyone.

(Again he's an alien...idk.)

His smile is like the cure for any rotten day or week or month I've had...

his hugs could stop wars, I swear..

I raised my kid with NO government assistance of any kind,

and without any help from his "sperm donor."

I did a pretty good job, as he has all the same limbs he was born with,


the next time someone tells you that i'm MISERABLE...

lol..no, no... I'm freaking ecstatic about my life.

I give VERY few fucks what YOUR problem with ME is.

Calling ME an internet bully while you attack every little thing I do & say proves ONE thing.

The only miserable bitch HERE,

is you.

have SEVERAL SEATS, toots.

My happiness train goes on FOREVER so, you're gonna have a little wait.



Today is such a happy love filled day...

so let me give ya'll some life smarts


on behalf of all females...

pay attention to us..

not just "you're so hot babe"

not just "love you"

not just when you're trying to get us,

Pay attention to us on a Tuesday afternoon

three years in

when we tell you about that time we saw a black petal flower

that looked like a starry night sky

on Kat Von D's instagram

but we don't know the name of it...

Google who Kat Von D is...

find her instagram,

look up the flowers...

send it to us in a text telling us that we're more beautiful.

Watch our favorite movies over & over..

even if it's Disney movies.

Notice our highlighter...

buy us snacks..

never let a day go by that

YOU don't make her feel

like she's your QUEEN...

understand that our silence

isn't an invitation to fill up the void with

work stories...

LOSE SLEEP to talk to us.

Your life is important,

your job,

your kids,

your family

are important...

we get that...

but so are we.

And while you're out there being Superman

to all those things

and putting us last...

there's ALWAYS gonna be someone else..

waiting for you to fuck up

& be the man that you couldn't.

Don't be the reason for our smile..

give us oe that YOU made

that NO ONE can ever take away.

Be so consistent

that you become our safe soft place to land.

Don't ever lose your edge..

we're not looking for PUSSIES here...

we WANT and need you to STAY A MAN

we're confident & strong...

we don't NEED you to save us..

but we WANT you..

so FIGHT for your girl.

Fight by being BETTER

than any other dude out there.

Intelligence is a stunner.

Confidence is so fucking sexy.

NO ONE likes a motherfucking eeyore.

Be HAPPY that your chick is sexy...

Laugh at all the guys trying to get at her.

If she loves you back

she's gonna keep those guys checked.

Because YOU are all she needs...

so LAUGH with her about those guys...

but keep your eyes open...

remember, they're WAITING for you to fuck up


Sometimes the right one

will be a fucking LEGEND on a website...

and a FAIRYTALE come true in real life.

And you just get lucky enough

that one fall evening

when you're sitting at home

holding your shattered little heart in your hands...

you'll get a message from "him"

saying "hey, want me to tell you who I think you are?"

and on that night...



Happy Anniversary, #mydevil




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