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MARY's blog: "MEN"

created on 07/17/2007  |  http://fubar.com/men/b103800

Well Not sure if everyone knows but i am divorced, Have been since November 19th, I have 3 children i love. They are my Pride and joy. I can honestly say i am turning a new leaf in 2010. I have change my attatude on the way i get treat.

I live with my ex still till i get a place ( house in both names still unless he buys me out)

My Trailblazer is mine but got both names on it unless i pay it off.

I divorced him for a lot of reason. 1. Abuse, physical, mental and verbal, 2. The it was always ok for him to look at other chicks pics and masturbate but when it came down to me looking at guys pics he got pissed. 3. Disrespecting of his stepdaughter. This little girl grew up thinking he was her father. 4. Arguements used to have cause of him not thinking. If he was thinking it either be something from the fact of me catching him doing something and lying about it to his brother or dad.

I can honestly say i was faithful to this man from the time we got married to the divorce. I bent backwards for this man. And if anyone wants to know who this MAN is i will be glad to let them know. I am done hiding behind a screen and telling him i still want to be friend or try to work things out. When he cant even be honest with anyone he talks to, let alone hisself. So Ask and u shall receive.


Man what is it with men and there hormones?? Hell they cant remember stuff you tell them the day before but when you happen to forget something that they tell you, They get all pissy BUT yet you cant.. WTH.. I mean COME ON.. Then on top of it They like to do something that pisses you off the most and YET They seam IT is still ok after you tell them you have a problem with it.. So i am wonder do i do the same thing back and see what happens or just leave it alone and be a WITCH...
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