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37 Year Old · Female · Joined on May 3, 2006 · Born on December 11th · 1 referrals joined!
37 Year Old · Female · Joined on May 3, 2006 · Born on December 11th · 1 referrals joined!
37 Year Old · Female · Joined on May 3, 2006 · Born on December 11th · 1 referrals joined!
accents, action movies, apple tobacco, architecture, aston martin, bacardi o, bailey's, bargain shopping, being single, black eye-liner, boxing, california, candles, causing a ruckus, chatting, chico, chinese food, college, coloured contact lenses, dancing, diamonds, drinking (moderately), driving, england, english accents, equal rights, farmer's market, fcuk, fire, foam parties, foreign languages, gay guys, giving presents, glass, going out with friends, google, guitars, guys in girl's pants, guys with long hair, guys with their tongues pierced, handbags, harry potter, history, hookas, ice hockey, italian food, jello shots, kissing, knives, learning, leather gloves, lofts, love, low-cut tops, making up words, mangoes, mardi gras, mirrors, mocking, museums, music, night time, partying, photo blogs, photography, photojournalism, piercings, poetry, racing, reading, ribbons, rogan, sarcasm, sarkney, shoes, shooters, shopping, silver, sleeping, soccer/football, stained glass, sunglasses (the bigger the better), taiwan, tattoos, the colour black, traveling, trory, un-natural hair colours, unusual ships, wine, yard/garage/estate sales
I like everything but (c)rap and pop music. 80's music is just plain awesome.

4 in Love. 5566.
Aaron Kwok. Abaret Voltaire. AC/DC. Aerosmith. Ah Du. Ah Hui. Ah Liang. A Niu. Ah Tiang. Aimee Mann. Air Supply. Alan Jackson (pre-9/11 money whore). Alanis Morrisette (pre- Thank You). Alannah Myles. Alex Fong. Alex Su You Peng. Alex To. Alex Xu Zhi An. Alison Krauss and Union Station. Andy Hui. Andy Lau. Angela Zhang. Angels, The. Anson Hu. Aphex Twin. Apoptygma Berzerk. Autechre. Ayumi Hamasaki. Azure Ray.
Baby. Bach. Barry White. Bauhaus. Beatles, The. Beborn Beton. Beethoven. Belle & Sebastion. Berlin. Beyond. Bif Naked. Bikini Kill. Billie Holiday. Billy Idol. Bing Crosby. Bjork. Black Sabbath. Bloc Party. Blonde Redhead. Blondie. Blue Oyster Cult. BoA. Bob Dylan. Bob Seager. Bon Jovi. Bond. Bonnie Tyler. Boredoms, The. Brad Paisley. Brahms. Brainiac. Breeders, The. Brian Eno. Brian Setzer Orchestra. Bright Eyes. Brighten. Bryan Adams. Buddy Holly. Bush. Buzzcocks, The. Byrds, The.
Cai Li Lian. Candy Lu Qiao Yin. Cardigans, The. Carlos Santana. Carly Simon. Cars, The. Cat Power. Cat Stevens. Cesaria Evora. Charlie Daniels Band. Cheap Trick. Chen Han Wei. Cherry Poppin' Daddies. Chicago. Chopin. Christian Death. Chuck Berry. Chun Jia. Clash, The. Cockteau Twins. Coldplay. Commodors, The. Counting Crows. Covenant, The. Cramps, The. Cranberries, The. Cranes, The. Cream. Credence Clearwater Revival. Culture Club. Cure, The.
Damned, The. Daniel Chen Xiao Dong. Dave Wang. David Bowie. David Grey. David Tao Zhe. Dead Can Dance. Dead Kennedys. Dean Martin. Death Cab for Cutie. Debussy. Deftones. Depeche Mode. Devo. Dexter's Moon. Dido. Die Form. Dirty Sanchez. Distillers (Pre-Coral Fang), The. Dixie Chicks (pre-recant). Don McLean. Doors, The. Dramarama. Duran Duran. Dvorak. Dynamite Hack.
Echo and the Bunnymen. Eagles, The. Earth, Wind, and Fire. Eason Chan Yi Xun. Einstürzende Neubauten. Eisley. Elgar. Ella Fitzgerald. Elva Hsiao Ya Xuan. Elvis Costello. Elvis Presley. Ekin Cheng Yi Jian. Emil Chau Hua Jian. Eminem. Emotions, The. Energy. Enigma. Enya. Eric Claption. Eric Suen Yao Wei. Eric Wu Qi Xian. Etta James. Exploited, The.
F4. F.I.R. Facing New York. Faint, The. Faith Hill (pre-popstar). Fan Wei Qi. Fann Wong. Faye Wong. Feng Fei Fei. Figurines, The. Flaming Lips, The. Flamingos, The. Fleetwood Mac. Flogging Molly. Foo Fighters. Foreigner. Four Tops, The. Frank Sinatra. Franz Ferdinand. Front Line Assembly. Front242. Fugazi. Further Seems Forever.
Garbage. Garth Brooks (pre-cheating). Gene Chandler. George Michael. George Strait. Get Up Kids, The. Gigi Leung Yong Qi. Glen Miller. God Speed You Black Emperor. Godflesh. Godspeed. GoGo & MeMe. Goldfrapp. Goo Goo Dolls. Greenday. Guan Liang Ping Guan. Guns N’ Roses.
Hacken Lee. Hall and Oates. Halou. Harlem Yu Cheng Qing. Heart. Hong Rong Hong. Horowitz. Huang An. Huang Pin Yuan. Huang Yi Ling.
Iggy Pop. Incubus. Interpol. Ivy.
Jacky Cheung. Jacky Wu Zong Xian. Jacky Zhang Xue You. James Brown. James Taylor. Jane’s Addiction. Janis Joplin. Jans Lekman. Jasmine Liang Jing Ru. Jay Zhou Jie Lun. Jeff Buckley. Jeff Chang Xing Ze. Jewel (old). Jiang Mei Qi. Jimi Hendrix. Jimmy Ye Liang Jun. Jiu Jian. Joey Rong Zu Er. John Coltrane. John Denver. Johnny Cash. Jolin Tsai Yi Lin. Joni Mitchell. Jordan Chen Xiao Chun. Journey. Joy Division. Judy Jiang Hui. Juliana Theory, The. Juno Reactor.
K’s Choice. Karen Mok. Kate Bush. Kelly Chen Hui Ling. Kevin Key. Killing Joke. Kinks, The. KMFDM. Kraftwerk.
Ladytron. Landy Wen. Le Tigre. Leather Strip. Led Zepelin. Lene Marlin. Leo Ku Ju Ji. Leslie Cheung. Leslie Gore. Li Xin Jie. Liang Jing Ru. Lin Jun Jie. Lisa Loeb. London After Midnight. Love and Rockets. Lynard Skynard.
Machi. Madonna (before she became British). Mae. Mahler. Mamas and Papas, The. Marvin Gaye. Mars Volta, The. Massive Attack. Matchbox 20. Mazzy Star. Melody Chiang. Mendelssohn. Metallica. Michael Jackson. Michael Wong. Mindless Self Indulgence. Mindy Ke Yi Min. Ministry. Minutemen. Misfits, The. Mouse on Mars. Mozart.
Nat King Cole. New Amsterdam. New Order. New York Dolls. Nick Cave. Nicolas Tse Ting Feng. Nina Hagen. Nina Simone. Nine Inch Nails. Nirvana. Nitzer Ebb. No Doubt (c. Tragic Kingdom).
O'Jays, The. Oasis. Offsprings, The. One Fifth. Ornette Coleman.
Pachelbel. Paganini. Pantera. Pat Benatar. Patsy Cline. Patty Smith. Peaches. Peaches and Herb. Pearl Jam. Peggy Hsu. Perfect Circle. Perry Como. Peter Murphy. Peter, Paul, and Mary. Pharcyde. Pink Floyd. Pixies, The. PJ Harvey. Placebo. Platters, The. Police, The. Portishead. Postal Service, The. Power Station. Pretenders, The. Pretty Girls Make Graves. Prince (Before he became a symbol). Priscilla Chan. Prokofiev. Psychedelic Furs. Public Enemy.
Queen. Queens of the Stone Age.
Radiohead. Rammstein. Ramones, The. Ravel. Reba McEntire. Red Hot Chilli Peppers. REM. Ren Xian Qi. Rene Liu Ruo Ying. REO Speedwagon. Reverend Horton Heat. Revolting Cocks. Richard Marx. Ricky Nelson. Rilo Kiley. Rise Against. Rolling Stones, The. Rosemary Clooney. Ruby Lin Xin Ru. Ryuichi Sakamoto.
S.H.E. Sade. Salley Yeh. Sammi Cheng Siu Wen. Sandy Lin Yi Lian. Saosin. Sarah McLachlan. Scorpions, The. Sheryl Crow (old). SHIN. Shins, The. Shostavich. Sia. Simon and Garfunkle. Sinead O'Connor. Siouxsie and the Banshees. Sisters of Mercy, The. Skinny Puppy. Sky Wu Si Kai. Slowdive. Smashing Pumpkins. Smiths, The. Smokey Robinsion. Snow Patrol. Soft Cell. Something Happens. Soul Asylum. Soundgarden. Spahn Ranch. Specials, The. Spice Girls. Stella Huang Xiang Yi. Stella Zhang Qing Fang. Stephanie Sun Yan Zi. Steppenwolfe. Steve Chou. Steve Miller Band, The. Sting. Stone Temple Pilots. Stooges, The. Styx. Sublime. Supremes, The. Surfaris, The. Swans, The. Switchblade Symphony. System of a Down.
T-Rex. Tai Zheng Xiao. Taking Back Sunday. Tammy Wynette. Tao Zhe. Tarcy Su. Tchaikovsky. Ted Nugent. Television. Tension. Temptations, The. The, The. This Mortal Coil. Three Doors Down. Thrill Kill Kult. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Tom Waits. Tori Amos. Tracy Bonham. Tricky. Type O Negative.
U2. Used, The. Utada Hikaru.
Van Halen. Van Morrison. Vanessa Mae. Velvet Underground, The. Vertical Horizon. Verve, The. Victor Chen Si Han. Violent Femmes. Vivaldi. Vivian Hsu. VNV Nation.
Wallflowers, The. Wang Jie. Wang Lee Hom. War. Weezer (pre-Maladroit). Who, The. Wild Cherry. Wu Yue Tian. Wumpscut.
X. Xavier Cugat.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The. Yo Yo Ma. Yu Xuan.
Zhang Hong Liang. Zhang Hui Mei. Zhang Zhen Yue.

Video Games
Super Mario Brothers, Tetris, Centipede, Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Street Fighter, and most of the pre-3D games.

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