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LuiSA HirAEth's blog: "Me.."

created on 11/14/2020  |  http://fubar.com/me/b372087

You left, unexpectedly

Without notice

I couldn't say my goodbyes

I couldn't tell you how much you meant to me

Now just the silence surrounds me

Raw silence and pain

A pain so deep that brings me to my knees

A silence so deafening that all I can hear are screams

Mute screams

They don't leave your throat raw

But they leave your brain bleeding...

You left..

And your absence is more than I can bare

Covering me like a freezing punishing rain

The rain that also pours from my eyes,

That's the only external sign of the thunderstorm ravaging inside me

Tearing me apart and leaving me numb

I'm numb, I'm empty, I'm a shell,

because you left ....

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