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Clemson Chick's blog: "ME"

created on 04/08/2008  |  http://fubar.com/me/b205737
Crystal tears turn to infected fears That grace the face of sin, Hollow screams that linger mystify the air Masking a secret that's always there, At the bottom of the heart and forever in the head Always remembering until the day your dead. Every action has a consequence That can leave a permanent scar, So think and listen before you go too far. One decision can affect so much Like the night you let him touch, Just a laugh and a little bit of fun I'll be OK, no harm done, Carelessness punished so they may see The value of an action, for they are free. Too young, not ready, would never cope Now is the time to look for hope, Living and breathing with feelings too Feeling it move inside of you, The life you took was that of your own A little human already half grown. Bury the pain in your mind You can walk away and leave it behind Act as if you forgot You can leave it there and let it rot, But this is something you must not do, For this will always eat at you. Guilt, anger and regret kicks in, As it takes a hold and haunts within Enabling pain to finally win, Shadowing life in everything you do The feeling inside is punishing you, Forgiving yourself and letting it go Something you must do for light to show, Try and move on but never forget This is something I came to regret.
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