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A Florida man is facing charges and possible prison time for growing medical strength cannabis for his severally ill wife.

Robert and Cathy Jordan have been medical marijuana activists for almost 20 years, fighting for patients rights after Cathy was diagnosed in 1986 with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

The couple had tried everything to treat Cathy's illness, and as she got worse they decided to try a more controversial approach, medical marijuana.

“If there was something else I could use, I would use it,” Robert said. “She has used everything they tried to prescribe to her, but nothing works.”

Except the cannabis did, and the Jordan's finally had some hope for their future. Robert began growing high quality cannabis at home for his wife's personal use. Cathy was originally given only about five years to live, but using medical marijuana to treat her illness she has prolonged life almost 20 years.

But Central Florida News 13 reports that sheriff’s deputies raided the couples home last month seizing over 20 marijuana plants, grow equipment and what was left of Cathy's personal medical supply. Now Robert is facing illegal drug charges which include a possible 5 years in prison, all this because he wanted to care for his wife.

“It’s no different than them coming into your house and kicking in your front door and taking your cancer medication,” said Robert. “This is life and death for us. If she doesn’t have it, she starts getting sick. Now what am I supposed to do?” Continue Reading...

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