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I use not even care about the military and didn't understand any of it. But I just got married to the greatest guy in the world and was still young. I mean me and my husband almost got a divorce because of all our fights we had bec I couldn't stand him being gone all the time. Fortunately he is a very loving man and actually understood my side. Then he got orders to go to Korea yet again and I was so upset and pissed bec he just came back from there. UGH!! Well I will tell you from what I have learned it will make you or break you. It will make either very stong and just wait forever for your spouse to come back home to you or it will make you go insane and feel that you would rather be with someone else that doesn't have a traveling job. I feel there are so many women that can't handle there husband being gone and that is totally understandable but is it enough to go out and cheat on him knowing that he is the love of your life and the father of your kids..not that wise people. I know its a struggle and life is not as easy as ppl think it is. I am going through that right now and my husband has been gone now for 11months and I have not yet to even think about cheating on him bec what is the point just so I can be satisfied?? Please I have waited this long and this isn't the first time he has been gone from me and we have a daughter together. I have morals and boundries and yes I flirt but only to a certain standard to where if I get too far I stop myself bec then I feel would my husband like that?? Please people make right choices and life maybe hard now but it could be even worse!!
I hate when guys look at my profile and think i am hot or whatever and then they find out that i am married and then they don't want to talk anymore..yes i am very happily married to the greatest guy in the world but that doesn't mean we can't be friends. my husband is on here also and he has some girls on his page that i don't really approve on his page but hey its not like he is going to fuck them or whatever besides he is in korea..lol.. anyways ppl just bec i am married doesn't mean we can't talk or whatever and leave eachother comments i have a lot of guy friends so don't be scured@!!!
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