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KIMMIE M2 PHOENIX: *jumps out and scares NA* boo!
Firefighter: That's good.
Naughty Angel: I'm ok
Katatonic: hb
Firefighter: HB Belle
Twiztid Twiz: hb
XxBeLLeXx: brb
Katatonic: Welp this morning can suck a giant elephant cock.
Firefighter: How's angel today?
Twiztid Twiz: angel hey
Katatonic: Angel
XxBeLLeXx: sho am
Naughty Angel: Hi
Firefighter: Hi Angel
Firefighter: Belle is having phone sex again
*****  Naughty Angel has entered the lounge! *****
Katatonic: -touches-
Katatonic: shinies
Katatonic: oh lookie
BluesLilMonkeyMTS: bk
Katatonic: I'm kinda jelly lol
Katatonic: yeah you're all bright green
Firefighter: Nope, not a boot if I go see anyone
Katatonic: idfk what you'd be lookin for
Firefighter: LOL
Twiztid Twiz: oh i did good last night for real
Katatonic: though I could be mistaken
Katatonic: not sure it'd be a boot you'd be lookin for if you were here
Katatonic: I'd of known if you were here
Katatonic: you haven't been here
Katatonic: well no
Firefighter: I didn't take it
Katatonic: and I can't find my fkn boot for her to wear either
Firefighter: Kat put her in a bubble
Firefighter: wb Hoovs
Katatonic: I quit this fkn day already
Spell of FaT BoTToMs: Hoovs
Spell of FaT BoTToMs: holy shit bro I just looked and saw how much you ended up at before you quit on slots last night lmao... just think if you would have won that for realz lol
*****  Hoovs has left the lounge! *****
Twiztid Twiz: hb
*****  Hoovs has entered the lounge! *****
Firefighter: HB
BluesLilMonkeyMTS: first break brb
Spell of FaT BoTToMs: lmao dont have the money to play slots today... you go get em tiger lol
Twiztid Twiz: sissy i'm already catching slots leader
Firefighter: I need to start my experiment today.
Mad oogie boogie: πŸ₯ΆπŸ₯Ά
Firefighter: Ugg
XxBeLLeXx: tuneeeeeeee
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Katatonic: had to tend to mom cause she done went and broke 2 of her toes on my mini fridge.
XxBeLLeXx: ty
Katatonic: thank ya.
Firefighter: Refired
Firefighter: wb Belle & Kat Cam
XxBeLLeXx: ty boo i needed a refresh
BluesLilMonkeyMTS: wb booo
*****  XxBeLLeXx has entered the lounge! *****
*****  XxBeLLeXx has left the lounge! *****
Firefighter: HB Adam
BluesLilMonkeyMTS: ty
BluesLilMonkeyMTS: ty boo
BluesLilMonkeyMTS: ty
Adam 129 birthday: naptime see ya in an hour
Firefighter: WB
XxBeLLeXx: wb boo
Twiztid Twiz: wb
BluesLilMonkeyMTS: bk
Mad oogie boogie: Funny lol
Firefighter: Make him sleep outside when he is sick. LOL
Mad oogie boogie: I'm so tired of my kid getting sick from his school and giving it to his brother
SexyQueenVampire: Hi
Firefighter: Queen!!
*****  SexyQueenVampire has entered the lounge! *****
Twiztid Twiz: yes behind me lol
Firefighter: TUNE!!!
XxBeLLeXx: lol
Spell of FaT BoTToMs: but I did get 2nd place
Spell of FaT BoTToMs: lmao you right cause I ran out of money when you were already like 10K ahead of me
KIMMIE M2 PHOENIX: omg twiz this school i tell you is giving me a run for my money when it comes to the kids
Firefighter: Thank you
Spell of FaT BoTToMs: awesome song Fire
Twiztid Twiz: kimmieeeeee
KIMMIE M2 PHOENIX: terryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Twiztid Twiz: no sissy you never had a chanve
Firefighter: I WILL WAIT - MUMFORD & SONS (Please and thank you)
Twiztid Twiz: still half asleep but getting baked tyfa u
Spell of FaT BoTToMs: Twiz... I geave you a run for ya money on slots yesterday for a while lmao
Spell of FaT BoTToMs: how is everyone this morning... I think I forgot to even ask
Twiztid Twiz: belle
Twiztid Twiz: spelly sissy
XxBeLLeXx: ty morticia
XxBeLLeXx: sir
XxBeLLeXx: twizzy
Twiztid Twiz: monkeyyyyyyyy
Spell of FaT BoTToMs: TWizzler hey brother
BluesLilMonkeyMTS: otay brb copies
BluesLilMonkeyMTS: your green woooot
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