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Cancer Took My Mom She Was 58 Spread To The Brain In June Of 1979 ... That Was Not Easy . Then June Of 1996 My Second Oldest Torrey Mitchell 24 Diagnosed With Pancrease Cancer Watched Him Suffer Had a Tube To Inserted For The Bile For The Mass Was 71/4 centimeters by 7 centimeters Was not Good . Broke My Heart To Watch Him  , He was Then Put In Hospice At Ashtabula Medical Center . Where On 3/14/97 11:57 am He Passed Away 3/18/97 Buried a day Before His Birthday . Then May 17th My Best Friend My Friend That Always was There Cindy Messena She Had Her Breast Removed For Cancer She Ended Up With Mest Of The Brain And Passed Away May 19th .. I Buried Two In Less Than a Yr . Now I Have Two More One My Once Fiance Of 2yrs 8mos Lonnie Terminal No Chance To Live & His Sister Connie Like a Sister To Me Terminal Both Lung Cancer .. I can sit Here And Be Strong With This I Know They Will Not Suffer No More .. But Even When I Was In Nursing I Cried More Than I Ever Done I Sat With Many That I Didn't Want Them To Be ALone ... I 'm Caring Compassionate ... Never Take Me For Granted I Can Be a Friend I Will Help ... The Point Is Never Turn Your Back On a Friend Be There No Matter How Mad You Are Or Angry You Might Be You Never Get The Chance To Say You Know I Love You Girl Friend Or Love You My Friend Life Is Just That To Short To Hold Anger Or Hate ... Be Kind Be Lovin Be Understanding Be Their Rock Be Their To Support Them .. God I Don't Need To Lose Two .. God Knows Their Beginnings and Their End .. He Needs Them Now To Take Home For New Journeys & Works ... Going To Miss You I Loved You LonnieMy Fiance Of 2 yrs 8 mos  & Connie I'll Miss You Sis Our Talks On The Phone ... But Always Remember Our Good Times ... Love Cherie ......... Got The News This Mornin From Connies Brother Lonnie My x Fiance At 11:04 Connie Passed Away  At 9:24 am My Best Friend My Sis I Will Miss You So Much Your Home With Torrey Cindy Grandmom Miner Grandmom Schmidt Aunt Jean (My Mom's Sister ) All My Friends That Lost a Loved One To Cancer .. Pass To The Present . 

Sick" I Wear Red On Friday's Until All Our Troop's Are Home ...&&
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