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Vengeful Angel's blog: "Life"

created on 02/09/2008  |  http://fubar.com/life/b186716
I only 389,743 Points to go to fu king and am in 2 auction. I be nic to get some help and some rate from people. I come to ur page and rate u and some i rated all ur page. Is hard to come to my page and give me love leave coment and rates. Hell do that and returne love. Just help me level instead haveing to buy rate and still not getting them by people i own. ther are few that have keep ther word and there alot who have not
It sad today that people have the never to say that can't trust me. Hell am someone u can trust with ur life i never sell anyone out or turn back u. I know more sect and thing then people know. Everyone in past has told me thing and screst and trust me. Am hurt that no one trust me anymore. That fine everyone want to do that good. I don't need ur trust or love. This not to everyone and Hope 2 people don't take fince to this
Is so hard to find someone who love me for me. Someone who don't mind showing that we are togher. Somoneone who love to call and tell me they love me and miss me. Someone who not going to cheat or everyday try find someone eles. Someone who so me attion. Somone while talking wont talking to 5 million people. Someone who make turn my sports off.
I just got back home today and no love nothing on my page beside the auction. So once vip run ouy i might be deleting my acount. Yaw show me i mean nothing to yaw thank for being great friends. Thank for 2 who left few coments. but i am hurt
I supose to go on vaction tomrrow. It supose to happy time and great vaction right. Its not bc one person i love is leaveing me. I am going to be loseing gf so am going to be worried the hole time wheter or not got my love when i get home or not. I love her to death. So guse Y go on vaction then? my heart is bleeding right now. So when come might be deleting my account. Let know want me to stay or not.
I am going on vaction monday and wont be back til next saturday. When come back hope have some love> I guse fin out who carea about me when get back home. I am not talking my lap top with me. SO this my good bye. I realy think put acution on hold to get hoime
The past 24 hour has been hell. First Essie hung up on me. I was trying to talk about the auction i was running since at work. Then call her later on when told me and her sister talk to me like nothing and no body. Then while at work I was stock, Co manger Robert and Ast protion Mike cam over yelled at for working asking me y doing i working. Top of about lose someone like and want to be with. Then today i wash my mp3 player and got yelled at my step dad. It was pure t hell at wor today. I not sure what going on in my life. Wish i had friend to turn to for help. I have no one and no realy cear about me
today my step dad told me i was uesles and no body. my mom agree and so did my sis. just woundering if i have meaning or anyone cear about me


So why southern geltman like me single in real and fu. I nice till srew me. I great guy and good listner. I would give my gf the world. I don't smoke or drink or do durgs. I have clean record. I am honst and very faithful. I not player and wear my heart on my shevles. I am just real tryed of get hurt and get my heart broken. Why do get hurt and fall for someone tha want nothing to do with me
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