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MasterofDisaster's blog: "Life"

created on 06/30/2007  |  http://fubar.com/life/b97183
July 18, 2007; About life and cherry tap this is a little bit long just thought that I would let you know up front at least 2 pages. Well it is another day same shit different day is all. I would think that people that have the same shit different day should be tired of it. I for one know that I get tired of it. But you try and get it to be different and but there are those that think they need to ruin someone’s day because that is the way they are. What fun can you get out of ruining someone’s day or upsetting them or lying to someone. Hey paybacks are a bitch. Just ask my Ex lol she treated me like shit and I let her have the house her business I built for her and lo and behold she married some guy that wont work well needless to say she lost the house the business and now has nothing. I never believed in paybacks but I do now. So treat people the way you want to be treated because it will come back to you and bite you in the ass. There are so many fakes out here that lie use someone else’s picture don’t you think someone will notice if you do meet them. But maybe you figure you wont meet anyone. I know I have meet a couple not from here but other sites and they did not look at all like their picture. It was like they were totally changed and I mean different looks different hair different everything like did you get plastic surgery done. I do know there are fakes out here on cherry tap but there seems like there are not as many as there are elsewhere. What gets me is if you take the time to rate a person’s picture and profile you would think it would be manners to return the favor. I have rated a lot of pictures and their profiles well they never even looked at my profile to say what an ugly dude let alone rate me. SO decided that I would wait and save my rates for those that are my family and my friends for when they put up new items or for those who are new and rate my profile or picture. Which is only fair. And I try to treat all the seem on rates. Even those that rate me a 4 5 or 6 I will rate them a 10 as I thought this was the way to do it. I have meet some exciting and lovely people on here and some lovely ladies. Whether they are married or not. It is also real hard to know for sure who is married and who are single. It is always nice to have new friends. I love looking at all the pictures and try to rate them all but of course we have a limit on how many times we rate I have ran out a couple of times. It is nice to look at sexy pictures to there is a lot to say about sharing of their pictures and themselves on here. There is a lot of beautiful ladies here on one site. I would love to meet them all. But there are a couple I would really like to meet and they are younger then me but I’m no pervert I like looking at beautiful woman. And there is a certain age limit but I think there is nothing wrong from looking at a beautiful 20 something that has a profile here. And it is not right to badger someone to let you see their private pictures it is nice if you ask once but that is it. Don’t badger the lady that is not gentlemanly and I think we are all adults on here and should act accordingly. So far though cherry tap has been great other then those that wont rate you or they rate you low. I have meet some nice people here. There are some of those in my family list and my friends list I would like to meet especially 6 in particular. I know that wont happen. I was going to say what area they are from but decided not to. Well at least I won’t hold my breath. I wouldn’t want to die lol I have gotten hooked on cherry tap lol but when you have been burnt so much you get leery and become some what of a homebody. I know I wouldn’t mind visitor's I’m harmless I don’t believe in pushing your self on someone. But I have quite a DVD collection now so it would be nice to just have company to watch a movie with me or just to chat a while with me. I think I’m so use to this that if someone knocked on my door I would hope they know CPR lol because I would probably have a heart attack. Wow this is a bit long but isn’t blogs suppose to be long. I think I better end this before to long. But I also believe in either a single rose to a lady or a thank you card sent to her for sharing her pictures and profiles. It is through their loving generous nature that they share with us their profiles. Thanks to all the Ladies that share themselves with us here on cherry tap. I don’t know if I got this done on a few but please excuse me it was not my intention to forget but I do try and I think more of us should try. Just my thoughts is all
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