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DarkNymph's blog: "Level 37 leveling help"

created on 09/28/2011  |  http://fubar.com/level-37-leveling-help/b343777  |  167 followers

Hi there, my blog can help you get you the fam adds you need to level. The blog is called DarkNymphs Army Volunteer list.  Please read through the info below then go check it out - the link is provided below!

On the list are people that are happy to help with temp fam adds once you have everything else that you need.  Be sure you have completed all leveling requirements before you start working through the list!!!  All you have to do is go through the list and Like/Rate/Fan/Friend request them all and put something in friend request mentioning you need fam adds like:

I saw you on the DarkNymph Army Volunteer list and I just need FAM adds to level if you can help for a few hours, thanks!

(When you are working through the list remember to add a little something each time to the friend request text you copy and paste to make the wording a little different, for example start with hi, hey, hello, Good morning, or something like that.  (If you don’t, you will trigger the anti-spam bouncer)  Also, if you are already friends, Chat them (SB) with that message after you Like/Rate them so they will see it sooner!

As people check in and see your friend request, they will add you.  By the time you finish going through the list I bet you will be leveled (you probably won’t even make it through the whole list) but if not I can help you finish up.  Find a time when you have 2 to 3 hours to be on fu to do this.  The quicker you can work through and then level the better because these people are helping lots of people.  So if you can level in 2 to 3 hours, then they can help the next.  If it takes you three days to go through and friend people, others may have dropped you to help someone else that is going to level that day not knowing when you will level. 

Other tips to help….update your status regularly with a countdown!  Something like this if you are planning to work to finish up that day... need 16 temp FAM adds and I level...can you help for a couple hours? thanks!!  (then as people add you as you work thru the blog update your number so people you are friends with will see it in the feed)

You obviously don't have to use these words, just be polite and friendly!  Most people love to help.  

So now you're ready to go work through the blog, click here to get started….. http://fubar.com/level-37-leveling-help/b343777-1193554


This page is ALWAYS Under Construction!!!  

Fan and friend me (if we aren't already) and
chat with me so I know you're ready to get your fam adds!!!
I will send you the trick to using the blog to level quickly!!

These people that have volunteered to help with Fam adds. Be sure to Like/Rate/Fan/Friend request them - they are an awesome group of people to have as friends!! (BTW - if you msg them and ask for an add and you aren't friends - they can't help you!!! Besides - it's courteous to make sure you Like/Rate/Fan/Friend before asking for help!!)

Please do not ask for fam adds until you are all ready to level. That means you have your points and all other requirements completed first because the people on this list are sometimes helping a lot of people and they don't have room to keep you in their fam for days while you finish up your leveling requirements. Once all you need are the adds, then you can contact them for a temp fam add! But PLEASE chat me up first - I can give you some pointers and talk about how to get you leveled quickly!! Oh and start at the top and work through, I’ve tried to put people at the top that are more active and willing to help often!! If you pick and choose who to ask it will just take you longer in the long run!



These people are not in any particular order – if you like to help more often I can move you higher, if you want to help less I can move you lower. Please do not be hurt if you have helped a million times and I haven't added you yet! If you want to be part of DarkNymph's Army Volunteer list just msg me and let me know if you want to be in the top half or bottom half of the blog and I will add you too!! 


Requirements have changed - thankfully you no longer have to switch from angel to demon or vice versa - here's the current list of 11 abilities!

Reveal Crush - 1 point

Fam Boost someone - 2 points

Point Boost someone - 4 points

Vouch for someone - 10 Points

Buzzkill someone - 1 point

Shitface someone - 1 point

Fam Boost Self - 2 points

Point Boost Self - 4 points

Cloak someone - 8 points

Name Screw someone - 5 points

Altruize someone - 8 Points (click link on their page that says "Give me your points")

(BTW - Please Do NOT give me your points, lol give them to a level 46 friend that is trying to make top 500 to level or someone that will benefit from them!!)


To reveal crush or to use your abilities on yourself, it depends on your Homepage type. If you're using most of the homepage styles you go to the top, click "My" then an option says "abilities". If you use the fSB homepage style Normal, then you click where it says "Ability Points" under your point total and FuBucks Balance.  Or to make it easy - go here http://fubar.com/abilities.php and you can reveal crush, fam boost yourself, or point boost yourself.


If you get to the point you lose track of what abilities you have done and what you have left to do, you can go here http://fubar.com/abilities.php?log=1 to view your recent ability usage and compare it to the list above so you will know what you have done.  Remember you have to do all the abilities after you reach level 37.  It dosn't count if you used them before this level!


Here's a plan to work through all your abilities to get them done in as few days as possible.  The ones you do to someone else can be any friend, especially helpful to people level 39 which need ability points used on them!!

Day 1

Vouch for someone - 10 Points 

Point Boost someone - 4 points

Day 2

Altruize (Give them your points) someone - 8 Points

Name Screw someone - 5 points

Reveal Crush - 1 point (go here to do this http://fubar.com/abilities.php)


Day 3

Cloak someone - 8 points

Fam Boost Self - 2 points (go here to do this http://fubar.com/abilities.php)

Point Boost Self - 4 points (go here to do this http://fubar.com/abilities.php)


Day 4

Fam Boost someone - 2 points

Buzzkill someone - 1 point

Shitface someone - 1 point


Now you will have all 11 of your abilities done.  Once everything is complete, other than getting your fam adds, let me know!!

Hopefully you've read my other post and plan to level to 38 as an Angel.  If not, please read my post - 

Level 37 Demons - the easiest way to level!

I know some people that spend days or weeks looking for angel fam adds as they get their points. They get so frustrated that some people add them, then remove them, insisting they need the adds NOW when in fact they won't be ready to level for days, or perhaps weeks!  Relax!!  You can let people know you will need fam adds when you get your points, but don't stress, or get upset as you watch that number go up and down. Focus on the other leveling requirements. 140 Million points, Giftback from a n00b, level up 10 members, and used all 11 angel/demon abilities - then you can worry about getting the family adds you need to level. Once you have successfully completed all of the leveling requirements other than the fam adds, contact me and perhaps some of your other good friends!  If we can coordinate a time when you will be online for about an hour when I am online, I can easily help you get the temp fam adds you need because I have lots of amazing friends that are willing to help!!!

The way this works - Say you need 30 temp fam adds.  As we start you will change your status to look like this:

"needs 30 temp angel fam adds to level - who can help me for about 45-60 mins? Thank you!!"

Meanwhile, your other friends and I will change our status to something like this:

"needs 30 ANGELS that can temp fam add a friend so they can level. Can you help for 45-60 mins? SB me for his link if you can!!"

During this time, you will need to watch for Friend Requests so you can accept them right away!  Be sure to take time to go like and rate them, even if you have to do it after you level!!

I change my status every 5-10 minutes as your required number decreases, as should you.  Before you know it, you will have the required fam adds, and be able to level.  

I say 45-60 mins for say 30 temp adds.  If you need only 10, obviously it won't take as long.  Even if you needed 40 adds, you can usually get those within an hour, just depends on the day of the week and how busy Fu is.  Obviously it would be much easier in the evening than say first thing in the morning!

Hopefully all of this makes sense.  If you are confused about anything, feel free to SB me and I will try to explain it better.  I am happy to help you with this leveling requirement but please be considerate!  If I am using a polisher or am running GodMode, it will be difficult for me to take the time right then to help you!  Lets work together to plan a time that works for both of us!!


Level 37 can be a challenging level for anyone to complete. The level is especially difficult for people that are Demons because it's difficult to find 50 Demons to add you to their family!  With the new ability structure it is a little easier because there are more people under lvl 40 that are demons, but I still find it is easier to level as an angel. So here is my recommendation, and it has helped a lot of people succeed on this level!

Part of the leveling requirements is to use all 11 abilities - 6 demon and 5 angel abilities. Since you have to switch, you should do all 6 of your demon abilities first. Shitface (1), Buzzkill (1), Fam Boost Self (2), Point Boost Self (4), Name Screw (5), and Cloak (8). This will take more than one day due to the number of ability points you have. 

Once you have completed all 6 of the demon abilities, then you switch to Angel (at this time the cost to switch is $5 Million FuBucks). Once you have switched to angel you can begin doing the angel abilities. Crush (1), Fam Boost Someone (2), Point Boost Someone (4), Altruize (8), and Vouch (10). Again, this will take more than one day due to the number of ability points required.  Don't be in too big a hurry cause you have to wait at least 24 hours to switch back anyhow. If you still have points to get to level, I would wait to altruize someone until you have gotten all your points.

Once you have completed all the leveling requirements for the level including 140 Million points, Giftback from a n00b, level up 10 members, and used all 11 angel/demon abilities then you can worry about getting the family adds you need to level.  I am happy to help you do this as an angel.  If you are an angel at the time of leveling, you need to be added to 50 angel families. I can help you get this if you have an hour to spend online when I am here even if you need 30-40 adds. If you switch back to demon to level, it is MUCH MUCH harder, and will usually take you days to find people to add you!

In that hour we will get the temp angel fam adds, and you will level to 38.  At that time you are free to change back to Demon if you choose!!

If this is confusing, feel free to SB me and I will try to explain it further!  This is one of the most challenging levels, so don't be afraid to ask for help!!

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