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Xx Lost xX's blog: "Leaving"

created on 04/16/2008  |  http://fubar.com/leaving/b207722
Well I have decided to disappear for a few days from Fubar. I will pop in to check any messages or comments that maybe around but no lounge visit for me. I need that vacation away from all the drama and bullshit that goes on. I need to be true to myself and not be wrapped up on who is in there and if they even notice me as a person. For my Tasia family I luv ya's but I need a break. I need a reality check and my sanity back...lol For my true friends you know how to get ahold of me on YIM or by phone so get me there if you want to. See you all in a few days....Be Safe, Have Fun, and Play Naughty!!!
I have decided to keep the profile for a little longer and give things a chance. I will not be on much just to check messages and maybe send a few. I have no desire to go into Lounges or workin for one. I have had enough of that drama. I know only my true friends care and have said something so for those of you who have thank you. I truly believe that if you want to talk to me and get to know me it's because of how I am on the inside and not my looks.
Jusr wanted to let all my friends and family on here know that I will be deleting my Fubar account over the weekend. I have met some truly amazing people on here and have gained alot of good friends but my time on here has come to an end. With my career getting crazier and crazier I need to dedicate myself to my job and my family. With workin 60-80 hours a week I have very little time to be on Fubar. It has been fun over the past year and a half but now I find it filled with way to much Drama and reminds me of Myspace way to much. Anyways for those of you who are my true friends you still have a way to get ahold of me and talk with me. I will chat with you on Yahoo and of course on the phone for those of you who have my number. Remember BE SAFE, HAVE FUN, and PLAY NAUGHTY. And as always if I get bored I will make a new account but for now I am ready to delete the FU Account. So when I disappear off your friends you now know why. I am not telling anyone the day I will do it, I am just doing it so I don't have to listen to people asking me not to.....LOL Bye for Now Your Friend Truly Much Love and Respect Babz
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