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Pillowpants's blog: "The Devil's Workshop"

created on 03/19/2011  |  http://fubar.com/the-devil-s-workshop/b340201  |  1 followers

Paper thin, I dragged my feet

and dried my glistening eye.

I hanged my head, cold and dead,

at the place where I would die.

With none who would see me 

get covered with earth

I took one more step

with all I was worth.

The weight on my back

made one step become two.

I ran with the strain

as was all I could do.

I couldn't turn back

to return to my death

and the chains flew as ribbons

in the wake of my breath.

Life filled my lungs

and blood filled my brain.

The burden I bore

is a runaway train.

My hands were like lead

now they raise to the sky

and with hope they dry love

from my glistening eye.

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