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35 Year Old · Female · From St Marys, GA · Joined on April 11, 2006 · Born on May 9th · 5 referrals joined!
35 Year Old · Female · From St Marys, GA · Joined on April 11, 2006 · Born on May 9th · 5 referrals joined!

[♥] care bears[♥] friends[♥] fishnet[♥] glowsticks[♥] glitter[♥] colors[♥] make-up[♥] hair dye[♥] hair styling[♥] blood[♥] candie!![♥] fashion[♥] platforms[♥] music[♥] stripped socks[♥] Jack Skeleton[♥] cat ears[♥] dancing[♥] parties[♥] rainbows[♥] peircings[♥] hot topic[♥] singing[♥] drawing[♥] writing[♥] stuffed animals[♥] movies[♥] sleeping[♥] pop tarts[♥] COFFEE!![♥] cameras[♥] malls[♥] ice[♥] Harry Potter[♥] tacos[♥] wrestling[♥] matches[♥] bands[♥] drums[♥] guitars[♥] HUGS!![♥] bandanas[♥] pacifiers[♥] love[♥] belts[♥] nail polish[♥] tattoos[♥] kiddie cartoons[♥] jewlery[♥] beads[♥] black lights[♥] computers[♥] poetry[♥] my bookie[♥] fun people[♥] laughing[♥] cuddleing[♥] fire[♥] darkness[♥] clean-ness[♥] cooking[♥] heilium filled balloons![♥] ice cream[♥] food[♥] concerts[♥] tremont[♥] pillows[♥] animals[♥] boys[♥] starbucks[♥] spencers[♥] people who dont judge[♥] new people[X] homophobics[X] judgemental people[X] people that are dicks[X] dirty-ness[X] roaches![X] chick flicks[X] shitty music[X] little slutty whores[X] people that cheat on others[X] people that use others[X] school[X] not having coffee in the morning[X] mirrors[X] myspace whores[X] light[X] people who wear their pants at their knees[X] being bored[X] liars[X] shallow people[X] guys with hairy chests[X] being sick[X] animal crulity[X] sports[X] being cold[X] being tired[X] shitty make-up[X] shitty hair dye[X] labels[X] dust[X] un-mecanical pencils[X] doors being open[X] knowing things at the last minute[X] swimming[X] pools[X] bathing suits[X] plain white socks[X] shitty movies[X] katchup[X] ignorant people[X] open spaces[X] sloppy-ness[X] dirty greasy hair[X] un-hygenic people[X] uppidy rich people[X] people that dont talk[X] the color "brown"[X] fake people[X] corded phones[X] two-faced people[X] backstabbers[X] nosiy peoplecheck out my myspace if you have one::: www.myspace.com/FranK_Be_Hot

35 Year Old · Female · From St Marys, GA · Joined on April 11, 2006 · Born on May 9th · 5 referrals joined!
writing, DDR, drawing, music, fishnet, coffee, friends, tattoos, peircings, glitter, neon colors, candy, razors, carebears, make-up, beads, blood!!, doctor masks, drugs, needles, clothes, hair styleing, new people, parties, concerts, kiddie shows on t.v....yea shit like that.
A large random variaty of just about everything. Always, Always open to new music but, if I don't like it, you'll know. ♥Astrid Haven♥, AFI, A7X, Aiden, ABK, Atreyu, Blaze ya' dead hommie, Billy Idol, Cradle of Filth, Cannibal Corpse, Coal Chamber, Children of Bodom, Daft Punk, Dope, Deadstar Assembly, Guns N' Roses, Goo Goo Dolls, Insane Clown Posse, KISS, Kittie, London After Midnight, Mudvayne, Marilyn Manson, MSI, Motley Crue, Murder Dolls, Nine Inch Nails, Orgy, Psyclon Nine, Poison, Scapegoat, Streifte Geist, Static-X, Spice Girls, Slipknot(some old), Skinny Puppy, Twisted Sister, Trashlight Vision, Twiztid, The Misfits, The Sex Pistols, Wednesday 13...."more to come..."
Video Games
I play nothin but DDR. It's life. Don't like it? You can shove it!♥♥♥

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