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Life is short, Live it, Love is Rare, grab it... Anger is bad, dump it, Fear is awful, face it, Memories Are Sweet, Cherish It. 

There Should Be  A New Mint Flavored Birth Control Pill... That You Take Right Before Sex.... I Would Call It... "Pred*ckamints"

Until you realize you are the creator of your own misery you will never be truly happy.For it is how u react to any given situation that brings you happiness.

Just like flowers in a garden we are all here to play our part in making the world a beautiful place, so bloom, spread your pedals and touch someones life today

Never Apologize For Making Your Own Choices - Livin' Your Own Life And Following Your Dreams ♥

Life Is Not Measured By The Number Of Breaths We Take, But By The Number Of Moments... That Take Our Breath Away.♥

The Life You Live... Is The Life You Choose... 

Real Friends Do Not Judge You But Support You... And The Moment... You Realize... You Are Wrong.... They Are There Not To Say "I Told You So" But To Say.... "Im Here For You". 

Don't let the words you speak today be the regrets you have tomorrow

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