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First off, to the guys...if I rate/fan/friend you, it's because I'm most likely returning the favor. It does not mean I want to 'cyber play' or sleep with you. I'll rate 9's and 10's with the same (I would rate 11's with 11's, but I can't afford to). I ignore the rest. If I rate something a 10, it doesn't mean I like it. I'm just being polite and showing respect for your choices and taste in things. If I don't rate something, it's because I either missed it or I could not in good conscience do so (there are some really nasty things out there). I also will no longer rate/comment on pesonal NSFW pics. It just leaves me open for hassles I don't want. I do respect your choice in faith, beliefs and religion except those that promote/condone hate, harm or evil. I am not a Christian. I am a Druid. Please do not think you have to 'save' my soul, try to convert me or otherwise shove your choice down my throat. I will not do that to you. However I will do my best to answer your honest, sincere questions of my beliefs in hopes of spreading understanding. If you are a bigot, racist or just a plain hater, you might as well delet me from your list. I am none of those (if I don't like you, it's because I don't like YOU!). Nor can I afford to be...my husband is a quarter white, a quarter Lakota and half Basque. I'm not quite half white, not quiet half Semetic and a small mixture of Native American. Most of his and my ancestors have faced persecution of one sort or another. If you are a homophobe, you might as well delete me. Many of my friends in real time have been gay (sadly, many have passed on from the first wave of the AIDS epidemic). They accepted me for who I was because I had accepted them for who they were. I am also a bisexual. Not because it's a fad, fashionable or to show off like in those asinine "Girls Gone Wild" videos. I was born this way. And no, I do NOT 'hit' on straight women. If I compliment a woman, that is all it is...a compliment. I have my own ideas as to what is right, decent and moral. I do my best to live up to them. Please do not judge me by yours, but by how I live up to mine; for that is how I'll judge you. If this has lost me a few friends...so be it.
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