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PirateA's blog: "Just A Thought..."

created on 10/25/2008  |  http://fubar.com/just-a-thought/b254701
i've found myself amused and disgusted, all @ the same time... ever notice how when people are trying to sell you some retarded product on television (that will not, in fact, make life any easier...but it IS guarenteed to take up closet space very well...) somehow these "special" folk manage to forget how to cut with a knife (90% of america would have many less fingers than they currently do...were they to weild a knife in such fashion) or how to answer a telephone, hang clothes in the closet, simply water a plant, anything to encourage laziness. and yes...i watch way too much television.
i figure, if i'm gonna be alone all the time from now on, i might declare my apartment a seperate entity from the rest of the world...and become like Petoria, only...without a yard... think i'll name it CuntCove, or something catchy like that...mandatory pantslessness and bad hair. maybe the glowstick bathroom episode has demented me even more so, than i was 2 hours earlier...maybe it's the weather...i blame a lot on the weather...but maybe i should put a fence up, a toll gate, if you will...i figure my neighbor (the evil one next door) would hate to pay a toll to get to her shitty apartment, either that, or she can use the stairs.
Mornin' yinz, ever go so long, without actual physical human interraction, that your own voice sounds foreign coming from your lips? i just scared the fuck out of myself...started singing along with a song...and was suddenly like "who...oh yeah...me..." kinda made me sad, made me laugh more though. guess the voice in my head and the voice from my mouth sound very different to me :P
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