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legalboxers's blog: "Life"

created on 03/03/2013  |  http://fubar.com/life/b353089  |  2 followers

I met her one year ago, give or take (This is the person I wrote about Ad nauseam) I am suppose to marry her in a week. February 13. I still had it in my calendar. I have the rings still. The wedding vows I wrote. How can you get out of the mindset Paragraph header  (click to insert in post)

I think I'm the only guy in my circle who thinks like this probably. I dont know Maybe its just me...

This is a piece of what I wrote:
I cant believe you are in front of me.
At this time, at this place. In this time
You lost your Mother, I lost many friends
Covid took many lives. But it more affected us

I did not know your mom well. But as you were in the hospital with her
I said a silent prayer. Promising your mom I would look out for you and after you.

You are standing in front of me.
In your wedding gown. Your friends are with you.
Sadly none of my friends or family wanted to come.

"Picnic Bear" "Cuddles" "Groom Bear" and  "Lucky" were my best "bears" since no one wanted to.
Its a good day today. Today I feel complete. Someone who really loves me, I am marrying today
My future is here, before me. My love of my life is before me. I could not ask for anything more in my life.....

More will me added by next Saturday....I dont even care about the superbowl. If you seen "Sleepless in Seattle" The whole life thread is there. From the beginning of the "leftovers' (Thanksgiving) for Christmas the "Phone Call" with "Dr. Marsha". Tom Hanks and his son playing "football" Would be the "Superbowl" ish.. And then.. Valentines Day. On top of the Empire State Building....

You are not here. You are a dream which is struggling to keep its form, struggling not to fade or go away..Its saying "please dont go" please dont leave me.. Please.....

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