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Hi Fu Fam and Friends,


I really wasn't  looking forward to writting a blog and of all blogs especially this one which crushes my heart. I'm not sure who all is aware about one of our very own Mike Hardway who past away early this morning in his sleep due to a seizure.  

Apparently he has suffered them many times before but this one would not allow him  to wake up :(      Here is information for anyone who would like to send sympathy cards or flowers to the family


His sister's address (The last couple of months he stayed with her)

Mrs. Dee Dee McCracken 

231 Lighthouse View Drive  Stevensville, MD  21666

The funeral home where the service will take place (some time next week , details still pending)

Fellows Healthbine Funeral Home Kent Island  106 Shamrock Road, Chester MD  21619


~While we are mourning the loss of our friend, others are rejoicing to meet him behind the veil~  John Taylor


R.I.P Mike     Feb 16, 1957 ~August 20, 2011


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