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rock's blog: "in my own dream"

created on 12/23/2011  |  http://fubar.com/in-my-own-dream/b345470

In my own dream

I see her beside the stars

In my own dream

I wish I can touch that smile

In my own dream

She enter my heart

She Put hope in my life

She makes me dream every night

About the kiss from those lips

And the touch from her fingertips

In my own dream

I woke up a thousand times

What I will do if she will be in my arms

How I will breath

What I will say

In my own dreams

All those things are in my mind

In my own dream

She is always around

Every night every dream

In my own dream

Am still searching for her in my life

In my own dream

I wish she will be one day in my arm

I wish she will be around

To make this heart beat again

To make this life a live again

In my own dream

I love you even if you are just a dream

In my own dream

Those the words inside my mind

I say it and I hope it will be true one day

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9 years ago
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