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legalboxers's blog: "Life"

created on 03/03/2013  |  http://fubar.com/life/b353089  |  2 followers

So.... She contacted me last night. Telling me if I could stay on the phone with her since she was scared to sleep. Mind you my morning routine would be altered Im like hey, what the hell, let me be nice. So from 10:00pm to about 7:00 she was on the phone with me. I fell asleep but I was on the phone with her.

During the call, she was going on and on about me. Had 3 nightmares in between. Telling me she clutches her moms ashes and rocks back and forth. She blamed me, her present husband, her 2 ex boyfriends all for everything about them having female friends and texting females...

She was telling me some guy got mad at her because she was texting all her male friends (sounds familiar) so she tells me at 7:30 she dont want anything to do with me. So I'm like ok..

I go about my day, studying for my LSAT, looking for a new house she sends me a message "Please stay on the phone with me tonight, we arent getting back together.. So Im blasting Taylor in my head as I study. She then tells me.. or sends me a pic of her at work.. with her work husband.

What is she trying to do to me. She also wanted me to take her to do food shopping. Granted when I was with her I felt like her husband. But this.. I dont know. 1 year later. Im back in the same position, but this case, fire is to my feet and I need. Not want.. NEED to get into law school.....

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