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When I come across a group of people or just people in general that I feel are cool peeps that I get some good vibes from, someone that I would possibly get to know and make new friends with that I can joke with while feeling comfortable doing which is not very easy for me to do, to be honest, due to I'd be getting weird or not getting very good vibes at all from others. When chillin' with the new people and joking around trying to be me while thinking maybe this is it, I finally found the new place to be happy and finally can call home. but in the midst of it all, it doesn't matter if it's a short period or a long period, I start feeling that maybe I overdid my welcoming and I'm just bugging everybody at this point and thinking that I'm right back at square one once again. like I've said before, The point of all this short story is "I've Tried" to finally be at the end of this dark and cold tunnel that I'll never get out of why at the same time being the lonely person that stands on the outside looking into the warm house of happiness wishing he could be part of too.

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