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I'm Only A Tree

Halloween, Halloween in this do you believe?

That only on Halloween we will be deceived?

Yes this is true for deception is the golden rule.

Dress up in makeup that we think is cool.


Do you dare not to stare at a provoked ghost in a tree?

As you make jokes while you are out smoking your weed?

Kidding around and tumbling down.

While you are having fun far away from town.


Come over here and sit by my side.

I will take care of you and your messed up pride.

I’m only a tree rapped up only in me.

So come over here and tell me what you believe.


You’re out by yourself on a night like this.

Wondering around and you’re full of mischief.

Kicking cans and throwing stones at cars.

While running in and out of bars.


I know you’re drunk your whole world is spinning around.

Smelling like a skunk, and falling to the ground.

Come over here, and lean against me.

I will do what is right, and set you free.


Yes, I may be only a tree but this is what I was meant to be.

Stuck in the ground and deep are my roots.

Come over here and kick me with your boots.


Good water over here in this clean stream.

Come on over and you’ll see what I mean.

Wash your face it will sober you up.

Can you not see that I bring you good luck?


Come over here and be my friend.

It is only your neck, I would like you to lend.

It will give me something I would like to do

A chance to choke the hell out of you.


I only get a shot like this once a year.

You don’t know what you are doing let's make that perfectly clear.

Trees don’t talk  it is all in your head.

So come over here and soon you will be dead.


Halloween night is the only time

I can mess with a human and get in their mind.

Yes, only yesterday I had many leaves,

but they all disappear, on All Hallows Eve.


Come over here I got something for you.

Sit by my side for something to do.

Have fun skipping stones over here in the stream.

Have a quick drink for the water is clean.


Rest your head by my side if you do dare.

Closer my friend for your neck has a glare.

You kicked me with that can bet that was fun.

Now come over, get it and let me have some!


I’m only a tree that can do nothing to thee.

So come on over and put your mind at ease.

Yes, keep coming and get closer my friend.

I am getting so anxious it‘s hard to pretend.


I am not real cause trees do not speak.

It is just your mind beginning to grow weak.

Come on over it‘s only the wind.

Blowing around making my branches bend.


I am just hanging out with spiders and bats.

And sometimes I do see a cat.

I let them climb up on my branches so high

then slam their heads down like a pumpkin pie.


Watching it splatter is a beautiful sight!

For me anyway it is a great delight.

Come on over and let us do see,

if you have the strength to break free of me.


You may have a chance let the story be told.

If you really reach deep down in your soul.

I like a good fight have not had one in a while.

Could you please come over and make this tree smile?


Come play with my bats and spiders and webs.

So I can rip your heart out for the things that you said.

For I’m only a tree as you can see.

One strong in the ground and has lost his leaves.


So this guy thinks he is tough and proceeds to the tree.

Not knowing that it truly is what he sees.

Thinking he is drunk enough to believe,

that only in his mind, he is being deceived.


Stumbling ove, and feeling a wreck.

And all this tree wants is to break his neck.

Would you go over and stand by this tree,

believing it is not really speaking to thee?


The tree told the man one more time.

To come on over and speak his mind.

Let it all out and protect your pride.

Say it out loud and tell no lie.

Come on over and sit by my side

a little closer and you will surely die.


The branches came around and entangled the man.

Lost in himself trying to make a good stand.

But suddenly he knew that he had no clue,

for what this tree had the ability to do.

When he realized he did try to fight.

But didn’t understand what he was seeing that night.


A tree that could move with such flare.

Had grabbed his neck and he was not even aware.

Losing his head while crying real tears.

I mess with dumb humans like this every year.


Now, when this man did see the light

it was already to late on this Halloween night.


by Sonny Jay Hairston ... Copyright 2008

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