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Things I'm learning to adjust to... There's this "tvoiceovers" guy that visited my page. He left me a friend request saying he really liked my art. So I was like ok, that works. But then later when I was looking through my pictures, I noticed he left a comment on one in my middle folder. He seems kinda old, so maybe he didn't read my profile. But even more disturbing is, it doesn't show he visited my art pictures at all!!!!! But he looked at the pics where I was half naked... I guess some of them seem kindof like artistic photography? or something. It's all so strange. I guess I have some pictures on my page. So he may have scrolled down my profile and saw those pictures, and liked them. But if he liked them so much, why wouldn't he visit the folder clearly marked art????? He could have commented on one of those. That would seeem to be the smart, more polite thing to do. Although, atleast his comment wasn't really perverted or sick or anything. It simply "Very nice". So whatever.I visited his page, and he has cool writing on it, so he's not just some weirdo who has nothing better to do than look at my half naked pics or anything.
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