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I love and honor her Because there is nothing she would not give, or do for me Because I will never have to demand. She will give unbidden. Without rancor or remorse. Without fear or trepidation. I love and honor her And I will give her my protection My strong arms, my lifes wisdom. I will give her the fullness of my heart. The breath from my soul. The touch of my empathetic hands. The passion that is body. And the song, that is our voice. I love and honor her, Because She is a women, Sometimes a little girl. One Who could stand on her own. But, who has chosen to belong to me. To something greater then us alone. Knowing we fill, Each others empty spaces. Knowing, That without love There is no honor Without honor, How could there be love? This is what makes us whole. Gypsy Love From Master.JPG

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13 years ago
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