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Icarus's blog: "Augurs, Martyrs, and Agnostics"

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Have you ever:

    Kissed your cousin:  No. This is not Arkansas.
    Run away: Yeah. Stayed in the woods for a few hours.
    Gotten arrested: Unfortunately.
    Played with fire: Oh my... yes. It was pretty.
    Broken someone’s heart: Probably.
    Been in love: Probably.
    Cried when someone died: Yeah, but sometimes it takes work.
    Wanted someone you knew you couldn’t have: Hah, who hasn't?
    Broken a bone: Fractured several.
    Been drunk: Yes.
    Lied: Probably.
    Cheated on someone: Nope. High road's a bitch.

Which is Better:

    Coke or Pepsi: RC
    Sprite or 7-up: Sevenup
    Hot or Cold: Cold.
    Flowers or Candy: Candy.
    Scruffed or Clean Shaved: I'm scruffy.
    Quiet or Loud: Depends.
    Brunette or Dirty Blond: Red.
    Flirty or not Flirty: Depends on the situation and alcohol content.
    Tall or short: I prefer my women short, but tall women dig me.
    Pants or shorts: Jeans.

With the Opposite Sex:

    What do you notice first: Figure. And that's a broad, vague answer.
    Last person you slow danced with: uuuh can't remember, my aunt?
    Worst Question: wanna see my dick?

The Last Time:

    Showered: Less than 12 hours ago.
    Flirted with someone you’re not dating/married to: 20 seconds ago?
    Were hit on: Possibly tonight, I have trouble picking up on these things.
    Ran: Today.

What is your favorite:

    Person you miss most: My brother. He lives in Mormonplace.
    Best thing that has happened this week: curling a tiny woman.
    Color(s): German blue.
    Movie: Ikiru.
    Place to visit: Home.
    Juice: Orange.
    Cars: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V (or VII)
    Ice Cream: A well made vanilla.
    T.V. shows: Good eats. Iron Chef. MASH. Frasier.
    Season: Fall
    Breakfast food: Corned beef hash.
    Song: Too difficult to answer, depends on mood.
    Favorite food: Mine.


    Makes you laugh the most: I don't laugh that much. Probably Chris.
    Makes you smile: Probably doggy.
    Can make you feel better no matter what: Sleep.
    Has a crush on you: Hell if I know.
    Do you have a crush on someone: More than one.
    Who has it easier: Hell if I know.
    Who gives you a funny feeling when you see them: I get nauseus leaving the house >>

Do You Ever:

    Regret not telling someone how you really feel about them: yes
    Save text messages: yes
    Save emails: not really
    Wish you were someone else: not really. I'm pretty damn awesome.
    Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: Not particularly. I kinda love my cock.


    Position: Lotus.
    Cologne: ?
    Perfume: ??
    Accent: Southeast Kansas.
    TV Station: Those are still things? PBS.
    Day of the week: Saturday.

Have You:

    Fallen for your best friend: My best friends are dudes.
    Been caught stealing: Yes. Once. When I was five. We didn't just give in...
    Been hand-cuffed: Yes.
    Been in love: Maybe?
    Been in lust: Oh my. Yes.
    Used someone: Probably.
    Sexted someone: Recently.
    Been cheated on: Yes.
    Been dumped: Yes.
    Done something illegal: Yes.
    Done something you regret: Yes.

Who’s the Last you…:

    Saw you last: My dog
    You talked to: My dog
    You hugged: My dog.
    You kissed: My dog.
    You instant messaged: Chris
    You yelled at: My mother. Almost lost my dog.
    You laughed with: Terry.
    You said, “I love you” to and meant it: My dog!
    Cried with: can't remember
    Made fun of: my dog.

Other Information:

    Natural hair color: Red
    Have tattoos: nope
    Skyped: probably
    Wear boxers: Regularly. Nut huggers hurt my ample bulge.
    Have a secret that no one knows: Probably, but if they knew -how- to ask me I'd probably tell someone.
    Romantically kissed someone of the same sex: Never romantically, hilariously though...
    Clean a lot: No. God no.
    Like to walk: Not particularly, but I don't avoid it.
    Like to sing: I only sing when I'm sad or drunk.
    Dance alone: I dance with myself often... if you know what I mean.

Have you/Do you/Are you:

    Stolen anything: yes, especially music.
    Smoke: yes cigars
    Perverted: Probably. Wanna see my doodle?
    Obsessive: Neurotic, calculating. Not obsessive.
    Horny: Usually.
    Been drunk: Yes. In the last 24 hours even.
    Panic: Yes. In the last 24 hours even.
    Confused about who you love: Not really.
    Favorite thing to do: Have an orgasm.

More Information:

    Birthdate: 1/20/85
    Birthplace: Kansas
    Current location: Kansas
    Eye Color: Onyx
    Hair Color: Red.
    Righty or Lefty: Switch with right dominance
    Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
    Innie or Outtie: innie

What is…..:

    The worst pickup line used on you: "I like your hands" ... ? I dunno guys don't get picked up.
    Your thoughts first waking up: peepeetime.
    Your best physical feature: my hair, but it's starting to retreat and fade
    Your least favorite physical feature: scars, uneven skin, ever-shrinking spare tire
    Your most missed memory: uuuuh... *shrugs*

Opposite Sex…:

    Best eye color: don't really care
    Best hair color: black, red, or pink
    Short or long hair: yes. It really depends.
    Best height: I like my women around 5'4, but tall chicks love me >>
    Shaved or trimmed: Bald and smoothe.
    Best first date location: I hate going out... my place for dinner, I cook.
    Best first kiss location: never really cared. I try to go for it when and where I can.

Number of…:

    People I could trust with my life: 3 if you don't count me, and you DO count my dog.
    People you have slept with: I've made love to one woman in my life.
    Piercings: Just my heart. BAHAH!!!
    Tattoos: None. Had a neat geometric sleave designed but I hate commitment and trends.
    Times my name has appeared in a newspaper: *shrugs* over 4 I'd say.
    Scars on my body: Dozens?
    Things in my past that I regret: Dozens?

Right now….:

    Wearing: 550's indigo, green 1up shirt, pine/tan custom chuck taylors, novelty boxers, socks
    Drinking: Water
    Thinking about: Benchpressing flyweights.
    Listening to: Hum of my air conditioner.

Do you Believe in……:

    Yourself: Some days, there are some extra hurdles.
    Your friends: Depends on the friend.
    Magic: Not really, but I'm a bit of a mystic.
    Lust at first sight: Oh my, yes.
    Destiny/Fate: Nope.
    Angels: Nope.
    Ghosts: Nope.
    Aliens: I believe in the probability of alien life... actually we confirmed it on the microbeal level.
    God: Wow, that's a tough one. I believe in Ted.

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