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DarkNymph's blog: "Level 37 leveling help"

created on 09/28/2011  |  http://fubar.com/level-37-leveling-help/b343777  |  167 followers

Hi there, my blog can help you get you the fam adds you need to level. The blog is called DarkNymphs Army Volunteer list.  Please read through the info below then go check it out - the link is provided below!

On the list are people that are happy to help with temp fam adds once you have everything else that you need.  Be sure you have completed all leveling requirements before you start working through the list!!!  All you have to do is go through the list and Like/Rate/Fan/Friend request them all and put something in friend request mentioning you need fam adds like:

I saw you on the DarkNymph Army Volunteer list and I just need FAM adds to level if you can help for a few hours, thanks!

(When you are working through the list remember to add a little something each time to the friend request text you copy and paste to make the wording a little different, for example start with hi, hey, hello, Good morning, or something like that.  (If you don’t, you will trigger the anti-spam bouncer)  Also, if you are already friends, Chat them (SB) with that message after you Like/Rate them so they will see it sooner!

As people check in and see your friend request, they will add you.  By the time you finish going through the list I bet you will be leveled (you probably won’t even make it through the whole list) but if not I can help you finish up.  Find a time when you have 2 to 3 hours to be on fu to do this.  The quicker you can work through and then level the better because these people are helping lots of people.  So if you can level in 2 to 3 hours, then they can help the next.  If it takes you three days to go through and friend people, others may have dropped you to help someone else that is going to level that day not knowing when you will level. 

Other tips to help….update your status regularly with a countdown!  Something like this if you are planning to work to finish up that day... need 16 temp FAM adds and I level...can you help for a couple hours? thanks!!  (then as people add you as you work thru the blog update your number so people you are friends with will see it in the feed)

You obviously don't have to use these words, just be polite and friendly!  Most people love to help.  

So now you're ready to go work through the blog, click here to get started….. http://fubar.com/level-37-leveling-help/b343777-1193554

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