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Admiral Ackbar's blog: "kins' words"

created on 08/22/2008  |  http://fubar.com/kins-words/b240405

There are four types of complaint to master before you can consider yourself truly one of the MuMM folk.

1. Your MuMM's too trivial! What to have for breakfast? Whether to cut your hair? What soft beverage to drink? You need us to help you make your mind up on that? How do you get dressed in the morning without Fubar?? MAN YOU SUCK!!!

2. Your MuMM's too serious! Should you leave your partner? Should you take your daughter to the hospital for that thing? Should you sign up for another four years? What the hell are you doing asking a bunch of strangers on the net for? Talk to your family, man! Dammit!! Why would you take this bunch of idiots word for anything?? MAN YOU SUCK!!!

3. This isn't a MuMM! Coke or pepsi? This film or that film? Ford or Chevy? Stick your poll up your ass, man! Sounds like your mind is already made up!! MAN YOU SUCK!!!

Once you've mastered these three, you're ready to complete the set, by mastering number 4.

4. The MuMMs are dead! Nobody posted a MuMM for two hours? And therefore everyone's logged off cos nothing's happening? Who killed the MuMMs? Why does nobody come here and post any MuMMs anymore? MAN THE MuMMS SUCK!!!

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