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I found this article about people phishing LIKES on facebook today and had to laugh, but it is no joke. These type of schemes jack up hundreds of people a day. I think of my mom or poor grandma getting phished this way. I have seen a few attempts to do this on fubar, but we have things for the most part locked down. The scary part is these schemers are always scheming.


Golden Rules to not getting phishesd! 


1. Don't be a tight ass and let your anti virus expire. Go to www.zdnet.com and download FREE antivirus and anti spyware.

2. Use a good email provider. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc are all good and can be trusted.

3. Don't click into any email that looks suspicious. If out of the blue, a bank or paypal or any site sends you an email or redirects you to a page to enter your information, DON'T do it. Take the extra minute and log into that account and see if there is a message from whoever you are dealing with. Most likely there wont be.

4. If you do get hacked, change your password immediately. It woldn't hurt to contact the service either and let them know there was a security breach.

5. This one is VERY important. Do NOT be a dumb ass and leave your passwords stored into a browser. If you happen to use a friends browser, make sure you clear all the history, etc to avoid your personal accounts being compromised.

6. Change your passwords regularly. When you do, make sure you encrypt them better than the name of your favorite pet.  Fidothedog is not going to help you fight against security threats. Try F1d0th3d0g  and see if someone can hack that one.


I deal with people everyday who make the same mistakes as the people mentioned in the article below. The best advice I can give you, is do NOT be a click happy fool.. Do your homework. Inspect the link or the header of the email. If it looks suspicious, it is.  


Please read the article below. I did not write it, but felt it best illustrates one of the biggest security threats against the not so savvy internet surfer.


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