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Miss Sexy Sabrini's blog: "Life"

created on 03/27/2008  |  http://fubar.com/life/b201862

How can it be that you can love so much but also be hurt so bad? How can one person completely disregard another person as if they were nothing? How can a totally different person care for those they dont even know  and put those people above themselves? For these answers you look inside yourself. Ive looked inside me and i have found that i love wholeheartedly, i hold hope for myself and others. Yet i also found i tend to get hurt easier and worse then those around me. I am willing to go out of my  way to help those in need and forget myself completely. I rather see those other people get the help they need then myself. Sometimes i feel people take that love, nurture, care, and hope for granted. They never stop and look at what they are doing, or who they are hurting. They never realize the love they were given til they lose it for good. I have also seen inside myself that i tend to forgive for things people should not be forgiven for. I leave myself to wonder what if i would have said no i wont forgive and forget. How does a person know they cant forgive anymore? Well the things i have forgiven for i should have said this is a sign that im not meant here i should move on. I am the type of person who hates to let go, who wants that happy time to last and last , to go back into something i shouldnt be in that will hurt me to love again. But i cant help but wonder, where would i be now if i had let go, moved on, found a new inspiration, a new meaning to be happy? What if your the type who doesnt like to be alone like i am? what would you do then, how would you cope with the fall out? Even though i may get hurt more i still find i rather give then get, i rather love then be loved. I always put the feelings of those ahead of my own, alot of times i base my actions on how others feel. i hate to hurt another person.  i hate to see another person suffer, id give my coat of my back if it meant helpin at least one other person. So where is it right to disregard another human being?

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