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This is a little weird for me to opening up on fubar Im usally a very quiet person about my own problems but you seem like the person who would understand. When I was in 5th grade I had to get surgery on my knee so I was exposed to morphine at a very young age I hated it. My young head was just bobbing around puking and smiling unaware of the things going on around me. It was awhile before I had to go back but when I turned 15 is when it started happening I would puke constantly and had to be hospitalized overnight to be short the expirence was traumatizing and I left early. For the next four years of my life I went in and out of hospitals and during my senior year of hospital is when it peaked to three to two vists to the ER a week and the cancer medication for nausea Zofran had to be used for me because my bodys resistance to pain killers I lost almost 30 pounds in one week because my stomach couldnt handle food my hair was falling out and the depression was kicking in. I would cry my eyes out at night because I was the girl who made honor roll now I was some stick figure with some weird unknown diease so one day I said fuck it not in a bad way so instead of taking the medication they wanted me to take I picked up a bong and Ive been out of the hospital for six months I got to graduate and now in a nursing program.I do have attacks of pain and without weed I know I would be back to having all my meals through a tube. The laws that are said to be in place to protect people is nothing more then the pharm companies being scared and the goverment taking care of their commerical instersts because a multi billion dollar industry has a hell of a lot more money to tax then the average joe. The kicker is when I went to Amsterdam and the coffee shops it was like a dream no one to threaten to take you away to jail, it couldnt be used to damage your career and it wasn't being sold from just anyone it was like buying a pack of gum the way it should be. Thanks for taking the time to read this it means a lot and keep fighting the good fight.
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