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This is my first train, I have been wanting to do this for a long time, as this cause is near to my heart, as you know if you have seen my sticky bully! Here is the link, plz read it, and repost? http://fubar.com/bulletins.php?b=1145358943 I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about HepC, or put you in touch with someone who can, there are many ppl on this site whose lives have been altered and endangered by this virus...it is a worldwide pandemic, over 200 million known cases, and you may be at risk! Have a piercing or tattoo? Get tested! You must ASK to be tested or docs don't do it! Please rate this folder, only 50 pics, and comment on the last one...start with this pic please! After rating the folder, please add, rate, fan, and comment each of the following supporters! If they are already your friend, be certain than you re-rate and check that you have fanned them, and leave a comment, something like "I support HepC Awareness" or "Help find a cure for HepC" or you could use this ribbon... When other riders join the train, do not just accept the friend request, plz go to their page and rate, fan and comment, (or re-rate and comment) Above all, have fun, make new friends, and help make a difference! Have YOU been tested??? I have more info in my blogs if you want to know more about the Hepatitis C Virus! This is what your tag will look like...plz send a link to the pic of you that you would like for me to use, and the background can be whatever color you like...
imikimi - Customize Your World ********************************* Train Conductor CinDragon

@ fubar HepC Awareness Advocates ~SouthernBaby~

@ fubar † Måè Måè †

@ fubar BrattyBytch

@ fubar TABBY76

@ fubar ~~~ andee ~~~

@ fubar Preciousmoments

@ fubar DJNuttywitch

@ fubar Faithful1

@ fubar *~~Lynne~~*

@ fubar Gµññý-§

@ fubar Warpman608

@ fubar In my dreams...or yours?

@ fubar Tempting Enchantress

@ fubar Tulsa's Angel

@ fubar jade&jaksonsmom

@ fubar ~ Shadow Leveler Team Leader~ Passionman71~

@ fubar Slave2Fantasy

@ fubar tat_man73

@ fubar The Bad Wolfy

@ fubar ** Desa **

@ fubar AngeLady

@ fubar ~Dusty~

@ fubar ~Natural_Witch~

@ fubar ~MysticFaerie~

@ fubar Carrie

@ fubar Cengin

@ fubar ~GoofyLady~

@ fubar Vitamin de (with one E)~get your daily dose~

@ fubar ?DeViLiSh DeSiRe?

@ fubar {{!Starry!}}

@ fubar P77sam

@ fubar Gypsysoul

@ fubar ~*Sexy*Red2*~

@ fubar Dove Goddess

@ fubar Tigerprincess

@ fubar *Redneck Angel*

@ fubar Hockey Lovin, Flip Floppin Gurl

@ fubar Ms. Sassy

@ fubar lauria

@ fubar MscFrk

@ fubar gaigeandmorgynsmom

@ fubar Suga Love

@ fubar Ducky

@ fubar jc9764

@ fubar aGEM4life

@ fubar ?MRS?

@ fubar ~EAGLE~

@ fubar emotionalbypass

@ fubar ~Kat~

@ fubar Darth Tater

@ fubar CrazyMama45

@ fubar ~katie~

@ fubar Silverpixi

@ fubar Please send a private message after you have read bully, f/a/r'ed and commented all above you on the bully, and rated the HepC folder, and I will add you to the blog/bully and make your tag! Don't forget to send link to your pic for tag in a private message, no shoutbox links please! Please check my blogs for newly added advocates! http://fubar.com/blog/254918/904873 CinDragon

@ fubar *************************
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