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OK y'all are probably getting sick of me posting bulletins and I know I said I wasn't doing any more giveaways/contests but well that was on my old account, I am in the process of moving so I don't have the money to buy stuff on here so I've decided to enter a giveaway for bling packs. My main reasoning is my friends have been helping me so much I want to be able to repay them some how and bling packs will help them and me with points so I need 5,000 comments for every bling pack so the more comments the more bling packs I get and can give blings to my wonderful friends for helping me sooo much! So here's the deal I'll do 2 photo effects for every 100 comments you leave on here just count up or down and message me when you finish each 100 and anyone who leaves 500+ will get pimped out and the person who leaves the most will get a special surprise from me! Also my good friend Sweet_Thing has offered to do two name tags your choice of colors for every 100 comments as well you can check out the ones she's done for me in my Made for me by friends folder for examples just private message her with the colors you want and how many comments you left! _Sweet_Thing_ ~~~Wanna Fu-Own Me~~See Blog!~~

@ fubar 5,000 comments per bling pack


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