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Asian Cat's blog: "help me plz"

created on 11/01/2007  |  http://fubar.com/help-me-plz/b148750

well today 12/16/09 i had got some worst news ever since my mom's diagnoses of lung cancer back in june of 2007. now she has bone cancer and is going though 15 radiation treatments and her time left is maybe 3-6 months left to live. i had sat with my mom at the hospital for a good 4 hours and has told me she would like to see me have a 26" lcd tv and a ps3. im not sure if anyone can help my mom and me  get theese 2 small items that me nor her could ever get since she gets social security and i get ssi. if you can help us out, plz leave a reply or send me an e-mail. thank you all and try to have a merry x-mas

ATTENTION EVERYONE ASIAN CAT Image Hosted by ImageShack.us THATS RIGHT TO BOMB MY PIC IN THE GIVE AWAY CAT HITLER funny cat pic and his army Image Hosted by ImageShack.us are hoping we Image Hosted by ImageShack.us so drop some comments on the asian cat pic links below #1 #2 and we shall succeed and..... funny cat pic thank you all for helping :D

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