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1409800's blog: "My Writings"

created on 03/20/2008  |  http://fubar.com/my-writings/b199951  |  4 followers


I can see You in a crowded room

Filling my day full of light

From this day there shall be no more gloom

Only the pure serenity

and my might

I have fought my Demons before Beat them to a bloody pulp

I took a big gulp

Swallowed my pride

I have no more reasons left to hide

People think I'm Beautiful

I have to be dutiful

To look after what many hold dear

live my life without fear

Trepidation is something I can't stand

It gets way out of hand

My body may not be perfect

But I see myself as worth it

Day by day

Hour by Hour

My being fills with power

Unbridled bliss that is this

True love and affection 

The only perception

Is that I can see clearer now than ever before

Like someone has turned on the lighthouse on a distant shore.

Guiding Me home like a ship, keeping Me safe and true.

Taking everything into account 

How could I ever feel blue

with people in my life like You.


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