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SurferGirl's blog: "Halloween"

created on 10/21/2008  |  http://fubar.com/halloween/b253912
In my neighborhood we have had this tradition in celebration of Halloween for as long as I have lived here. You leave a bag/basket/jack-o-lantern full of treats on your neighbor's door step (usually ones with children!!!) along with the following note...and a simple drawing of a ghost (easy enough for even the least artistic among us to draw!)...then ring their doorbell and scatter... * * * You Have Been Ghosted!!! The Phantom Ghost has come around To leave these goodies you have found. If you do not wish a curse to fall Continue this greeting, this ghostly call. And, since the Ghost has gotten you Please read closely what you must do. First, post the Ghost where it can be seen, On a door or window until Halloween. Then no other Ghost will visit again Be sure to participate, if you don’t it’s a sin. You have only one day, so act fast Leave treats at two homes no ghost has passed, Make two treats, two “ghosts,” two notes…that’s the gist, Take them to neighbors the Ghost has missed. Deliver after dark, When there's barely a light, Ring the doorbell and RUN! Then stay out of sight!!! Don’t be seen, be sneaky, no doubt Then check back to se sure they put their “ghost” out And last, but not least, come join the season Don’t worry, be happy, you need no good reason Be scary, have fun, try not to be seen And share in the spirit this Halloween. * * * We were ghosted earlier tonight--but apparently they'd lost the traditional poem...they made up something of their own... but I like the traditional poem best. Anyhow... it's a nice tradition to start in your neighborhood if you are so inclined to celebrate Halloween. It's my favorite holiday. :) Happy Haunting!
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