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ninov's blog: "sheeple"

created on 10/05/2006  |  http://fubar.com/sheeple/b10439
"Jesus loves the little sheeple of the world" or "power to the sheeple" Current mood: disappointed Category: Religion and Philosophy 3 differant types of people exist or "graze'"in this country called u.s.a. they make bold and convincing statements to young impressionable minds and anyone listening ,things such as,"if you want to,u could be anything,even be the president!!"and" fighting a war against drugs"and "its you that makes the difference! "rock the vote"!, shit like,"were having an energy crises involving a shortage of crude oil" and commercials that tell you that if your feeling a Lil' this or tiny bit that,tell your Dr. and ask about this drug cause u can take charge its your life!" now i agree to a point,and yes u can safely say if you've got a turd playing peek-a-boo with the end of your assholes you've got to take a shit. but most listening to these empowering bits of fibbing are like dry sponges,needing to soak up anything sounding official and true,never for a moment believing they could have been fed-0ut like sheep grazing in the big field of tales,by the most caring herder in the land,watching over his flock so one day they become a cardigan and a greasy piece of meat on the plate of some overpriced trendy joint and they spend just to buy,buy,buy! this is but one example of the 3types mentioned above,full explanation describing them may follow this conspiracy based opinion.." we the sheeple, are those same hard working ,tax paying, law abiding, dumb-dumbs who will say to you,"i don't believe in "God "know i'm going to hell!" the white coller,college degree possessing mngmnt,know it all who followed the news from the start,almost sounding like he knows the bush's and bin lad din's personally. psychotropic poppin,add,adhd,multiple personality having',clinically depressed,bi-polar claiming,theroapy attending dumbass's still waiting for the u.s. govt. to track down the" ILLUSIVE" 0SAMA BIN LADDIN,AND IN THE SAME BREATH WITH ALL THE C0NFIDENCE 0F A RH0DES SCH0LAR,DISCREDIT THE BIBLE,AND THE RETURN 0F JESUS CHRIST, N0T KN0WING WHICH ""AP0STLE" WR0TE WHAT "APISTLE",0r DECERNING BETWEEN PARTS LITERAL AND FIGURATIVE AND WHY? UNAWARE "THEY" ARE VIRTUAL CARB0N C0PIES 0F ADAM- N- EVE WH0M THEY DECENDED FR0M(IMAGINE THAT), AND were THE founders 0F THE "DECIEVED",WHAT A C0INSEDENSE HUH? FUNNY,WITH ALL 0UR TECHN0L0GY AND ADVANCED INTELIGENCE I DIDN'T KN0W BIN LADDIN WAS MISSING? HMMM....MAYBE I'M THE DUMB ass? MY FINAL TH0UGHT, IF IT WERE N0T F0R THESE WISD0M FILLED KN0WLEDGEABLE individuals WELL AS ALL MY less-than, SINNING BROS. AND SISTERS ,G0D INCARNET ,W0ULD N0T HAVE!!! S0 THANK Y0UR L0CAL ATHIEST/AGN0STIC and god fearing judgemental sinner alike F0R all THE REAS0NS CHRIST C0MMITED "A SELF-RIGHT0US SUICIDE" F0R ALL OF US! NOW "HELL" HAS BECOME our 0PTI0N,AND N0T WHAT we are STUCK WITH,LIKE THAT EXTRA T0KEN U ALWAYS END UP WITH,YOU KNOW THE ONE FROM THE CAR WASH!!W0RTHLESS BY ITSELF, EVEN AT THE CAR-WASH Y0U BR0UGHT IT H0ME FR0M. THANK Y0U! to ALL,AND to 0SAMA T00!! IF N0T F0R PE0PLE LIKE THESE,WE'D ALL BE G0ING DIRECECTLY TO FRY OUR ASSES OFF FOR ETERNITY. HELL,by most of those opinions out there,(u know there like assholes,everybodys putting one out there,but u know Wat comes out of a dirty asshole right?)WE C0ULD PR0BABLY SIT D0WN AND W0RK 0UT 0UR DIFFERNCES 0VER A RED BULL AND A FR0ZEN PIZZA,AND IF JESUS Decided T0 SH0W UP, THATS C00L,BUT HE'LL HAVE T0 RELAX, BECAUSE SERIOUSLY, WHAT W0ULD FEW "GOOD" PE0PLE IN total DISAGREEMENT,CHATTING,all RAMPED UP 0N RED BULL AND CH0KIN' D0WN A FR0ZEN PIZZA WITH JESUS BE WITH0UT THE 0NE THING M0ST IMP0RTANT AND AGREED UP0N THE W0RLD 0VER............ THE GRAND FINALLY0FAMERICAN ID0L! (thanks to all the sheeple who inspire,paanoid,crazy conspiring types to make up whaky versions of the "real" truth.) "GOD BLESSAMERICA,and to our PRESIDENT GEORGEW.BUSH"!! A LEADER WITH BIG enough BALLS to with a straight face does as he is told and lie to all the smarties who eat it up like candy.they occupy themselves with what they think is ,and let our govt. pull some dirty rotten filthy shit,and deny it to the nth degree,so for the greater good of the whole in the end. some might say ,"its the lessor of two evil's !
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