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tomk's blog: "Godfather"

created on 04/21/2008  |  http://fubar.com/godfather/b209136
Monday April 21st at 8PM I made GodFather. I would like to thank The Shadow Levelers without them this would have taken forever. They came in and just totally ravaged me with rates. IT was one Awesome Ride. I would also like to personally Thank ~¢¾~Thcknluvit~¢¾~. She is one awesome lady and everyone needs a friend like her. Another wonderful and awesome lady is Twisted & Transparent. She is another friend everyone should have. Another wonderful lady is 'TOASTY_ROSIE XOXO'. You need to go check her out as well. Other people who helped me out were ~~SacridDreamz~~ Cajun Cherry. Pita. Queen Of Hearts. King Of Hearts Lamonte37 browneyes I am sure I am forgetting a load of people who have helped me out. Everyone is near and dear to me. Thank you all so very very much!!
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13 years ago
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