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SexyGirl's blog: "GLObaL MUMMS"

created on 03/11/2008  |  http://fubar.com/global-mumms/b196902
K PLEASE to ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY FANS I need your Help here. I entered a Contest I need Comments on Mrs bubbles Page!!!!!!!! Please go there and Leave me Love thank you all I will show the same for you
Fubar should read mumms before they pass Judgement onn wha a mumm Is here, I wrote a Poem about two Months ago and Asked if I should Publish I and I got Deleted from Globals I complained wrote email Fubar support and Still nothing I got that They get turned on once a Month well that has come and Gone do you all think that they should read and Make a Judgement that way.. There are vicious People on here that Report Things that should not be reported. Shouldnt fubar recognize this
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13 years ago
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