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Ok...maybe I need to clear up a few things....I came back to fubar because of some very precious friends that is on here...I am not against making new friends but I am also becoming so jaded against new people because of all the jerkwads out there that doesn't seem to get a FUCKING CLUE on how to respectfully treat a person!...wanna be my friend? then get to know me!...I don't want to give you my freakin email or IM!...Want to truly get to know me? Then I suggest you do it in the same manner that I try to get to know people...I look at ALL their pics...I look at the things they post...blogs, stash, etc....if you can't do these things then you are showing me by your actions that you don't fucking care to know me and all you want is eye candy and sex talk....if this is the case...move on down the FUCKING LINE! Don't waste my time when I can spend it on more fruitful things ....like spending time with my friends who RESPECT me and CARE about ME... thanks you for your time Love to all my friends ♥ Paulette
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