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Well my boy played his first game lastnight. They do eliminations in the beginning. Of course we played one of the best teams around..so we lost. The boys did not do good. I have to be thankful in a way..that my boy is not the only one this year. He even got to play the whole game. Of course not sure he will rest of year..but I was happy. More he plays more he learns. He striked out each time he batted though..which was twice. He wasn't the only boy striking out. I did get frustrated though that he striked out because he didn't swing. Most of the boys who did make it to a base.was because of balls. Think only got 2 hits in the whole game. Rest of them got strikes. The coach was so pissed though. LOL. He told them they were having practice friday and he had a surprise for them. I am sure hes gonna make them run. He has them running when they screw up. It does seem to help them though.. at paying more attn. I heard him at one point grumble.. you think they never played any baseball. Anyways.. it was a bad game. The other team is like little pros.
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