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PirateA's blog: "fyi"

created on 10/21/2008  |  http://fubar.com/fyi/b253795
Photobucket Photobucket SO...driving down past the courthouse, i happen to spy this fella in a chicken costume, standing outside. decided to stop and have a chat, because i'm just the kind of gal that can't resist a man in a chicken suit....esp one holding a sign! he let me snap off a couple of pix, and we held short palaver... well come to find out, he's out there because a short while ago he was picketing in front of the courthouse, trying to make it heard the unfair treatment of detainees and inmates in the city of jackson jail... while picketing some local police officers took it upon themselves to beat up chicken man (i don't know if he was wearing the chicken costume @ the time)...but chicken man states that it was pretty brual. needless to say, he's trying to be heard, and i support him fully in his endeavors. thought i'd share today's interestng happening.

GOD DAMN! i cannot even think of anything to say here. "you've been unemployed for a year?!?!" people exclaim... wanna see WHY????? gotta love the economy collapsing around us...but NOOOOO we're not in a recession...come on people! LOOK @ WHAT'S IN FRONT OF YOUR FUCKING EYES! THIS SHIT IS FOR REAL! so, if i could pass for a hooker....nah, still wouldn't do it...but if i could survive without organs, you'd best believe i'd be selling 'em all to science. this is just pathetic. Photobucket

just thought i'd let anyone that bothers to read this know, that as of tomorrow my electricity will be out, and i won't be around for a bit... will be back as soon as i can be tho :) take care! *hugs to all*
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