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BROWNIE's blog: "Funny halo stuff"

created on 08/05/2008  |  http://fubar.com/funny-halo-stuff/b236692


"Yo Momma's so fat she jumped through Halo and got stuck." "Yo Momma's so fat when she fell through the map, she killed the Guardians." "Yo Momma's so fat when she went through a teleporter, she telefragged her left thigh." "Yo Momma's so fat when she jumped on the swinging bridge on Headlong, it overloaded." "Yo Momma's so fat she takes up two pregame lobbies." "Yo Momma's so fat when she spawned she got a Killamanjaro, Killamanjaro, Killamanjaro..." "Yo Momma's so fat she walked up to the Scorpion and it said "Don't press X to drive Scorpion." "Yo Momma's so fat when she spawned, no one else could spawn because she took up all the spawn points." "Yo Momma's so fat when she went to blue screen it said "Reducing weight"" "Yo Momma's so fat she actually uses the Pizza Cutter on Burial Mounds." "Yo Momma's so fat when she spawned it said "Press X to pick up Sniper Rifle, Plasma Pistol, Plasma Rifle, SMG..." "Yo Momma's so stupid people thought she was stand-bying because she kept running into walls." "Yo Momma's so fat that she sat on Halo and Elites popped out." (This is just a joke)"imSuck's Mom is so fat that her gamertag is imFat." "Yo Momma's so fat to crouch for a superbounce she just has to stick her finger under a crouch spot." "Yo Momma's so fat to get out of the map you just have to have her run straight at a barrier." "Yo Momma's so fat you have to hog launch with 16,000+ grenades to get on top of her... LAYING DOWN!" "Yo Momma's so stupid we asked her to get the combo and she went and got the #9 at McDonalds." "Yo Momma's so stupid we were suggesting maps and I said Lockout she said "NO LET ME BACK IN!"" "Yo Momma
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